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    I actually did like the concept of going through WoW's version of the after life. It was very poorly executed but it was a cool idea, at least imo.

    I thought Nathria was as good raid.

    I guess that's really about it. I didn't care for the covenant system, the themes of the zones were cool but the layout of the zones seemed kind of bad, the story was the worst in WoW's history, Torghast is tied with Visions of N'Zoth for being the worst content ever put into the game, juggling all the currencies was a pain, and the Maw is torture in video game form and easily my least favorite part of the xpac. It's probably the 2nd worst xpac next to WoD.
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    *Nathria was one of the best entry raids of any expansion (maybe even top3)
    *I would say raids overall have been pretty decent level, didn't strongly dislike any of them
    *M+ affixes across the board have been pretty good. Wasn't HUGE on the first season affix but still didn't dislike it
    *Dungeons have been great and while I would have liked a few more, I thought the ones we got were good
    *The dungeons all having their 'bonuses' depending on your covenant felt like a nice callback to Court of Stars (which I loved) and I really liked that
    *Weekly vault is a HUGE improvement over weekly chest
    *Zereth Mortis is a legit great daily hub zone IMO and easily spanks some previous ones for me like Argent Tournament or Timeless Isle
    *Zones overall were pretty good - especially Revendreth which I think will be remembered as one of the standouts

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    vampire people are cool.
    forest place was pretty.

    cant think of much. still think seeing the afterlife was a mistake so whole expansion concept doesnt work for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by facefist View Post
    I hope you didn't play for more than one month. I'm not surprised though that even when the topic is "what did you like", the first poster is someone who has to let the world know that wow sucks.

    My personal favorite thing was leveling for the first time.
    Never knew Shadowlands was the whole of wow, to be honest.

    The OP asked about Shadowlands. Didn't ask about WoW as a whole.

    If that was the question, then I'd have something different to say.

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    I like that it's finally over.
    I liked Ardenweald, though, it was pretty. Same with Revendreth.

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    I liked everything, except the story and the lack of content.
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    Blizzard do what the players want all the time.

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    I liked Torghast - when playing some classes. It's like there were two teams, one of which didn't believe in fun. However, if your class had the other team doing the power design, Torghast was awesome. A decent run on my Shaman, especially on the Endless Corridors, would end up with them having so much amazing stuff happening there was no time to press all the buttons. Awesome.

    I liked three of the Covenant zones visually (Sorry, Maldraxxus, but you're ugly). Some of the story arcs were decent (let's not talk about the main arc).

    I actually quite liked Ve'nari, and I'm glad they never revealed why they're in the Maw and why other brokers are looking for them (because I'm dead certain any reason they came up with would be a let-down).

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    I'd swear I found some part of it tolerable in the beginning. But I can't remember now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanaria View Post
    Never knew Shadowlands was the whole of wow, to be honest.

    The OP asked about Shadowlands. Didn't ask about WoW as a whole.

    If that was the question, then I'd have something different to say.
    Change the word "wow" to "Shadowlands" and my point still stands. He asked what you liked about Shadowlands and you rush in to tell he world that it sucks and you didn't like anything.

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    Bwonsamdi and Soulshape

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    1. I thought the Covenant stories and abilities were pretty good and even kind of liked the Renown system (once they removed all the grindy mechanics and time gated garbage in 9.1).

    2. I think Torghast had potential, though I think it should have been limited to a purely optional "mini game" like the Mage Towers with only cosmetic rewards and mounts since it started to feel "grindy" when you were obligated to do it every week for Soul Ash. I really wouldn't mind something similar in the future provided it was optional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Yeah, you're coming back for DF, I'm guessing.
    I sure am.. gonna be rough cause when that releases likely ff14's next one will be out around that time too i play both games.
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    Now that I've thought about it, there is another thing I liked about Shadowlands.

    The flowers.

    I am playing a fantasy game. I want to go to a fantasy world. Sadly, most "fantasy" worlds in games are just mundane replicas of our own. Even when there are more fantastical zones like floating mountains, the little details like the foliage tend to be the same as ours.

    But in Shadowlands, they didn't just copy paste roses. The environment/prop artists went through the effort of creating a fantasy, magic rose.

    These glowing plants in Ardenweald:

    Or these triangular lilypads in Zereth Mortis:

    These plants that grow crystals, like an oyster:

    Really hope that the fantasy plants continue to be a thing. Would be really dull if we go to the Dragon Isles and see... regular flowers and stuff we've seen countless times before.

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    Can't really think of anything I liked when there was so much I hated. Just the fact that you prolly need a few million anima to get all collectables etc makes me sick.

    I guess the scenery of most zones, especially Revendreth was nice.

    And I actually did enjoy the idea of Torghast, it was really fun to feel upgraded as you progress, but ofc it was ruined by RNG and being ilvl dependant. They should have maed Torghast scale to a certain ilvl, even for the hardest difficulties, and made it less RNG what powers you get and it would have been perfect.

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    I enjoyed (and still do) Torghast and m+. Mostly because I do that stuff with friends, as long as they play - I play.

    Not as much fun as last season of BFA was, though. Corruption was, towards the end there, really fun. Going "full tiddy runs" (Twilight Dev stacked to oblivion) was fun. Specially when I played my resto druid and went into bearform for giga TD procs (and the threat that it gave..).

    That one run in The Motherlode where we were gonna death skip, but failed it - so we just kept trying until we got it (while shitfaced drunk) was the highlight of that expansion. 300+ deaths, several hours, etc. Haven't had a moment like that in SL.

    I enjoyed the covenants when they were opened up. Should've been like that since the start.

    I hope they do something crazy in the last m+ season though. Just for the laughs. Uncapped legendaries, all covenant abilities, etc. Just unleash the chaos.

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    It was good when it launched, but had nothing to carry it beyond the first 6 months, then just got dragged out by convoluted systems to try to make up for the obscene power creep.

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    I hate seeing the same mistakes over and over. Why is Memory of Unit account wide but the original belt legendary isn't? We are currently obligated to do the damn quests over and over on all alts. Please tell me there's another way.

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    I was happy to beat it in LFR mode and no i don't care about doing it higher pointless last boss is dead game over.dragon flight here i come!

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    Lots of great mounts and transmog added. Art team knocked it out of the park like usual. Torghast as a concept was really fun just disliked the mandatory currencies for the garbage legendary system. Oh and reknown with convenants is a much better system than traditional reputations/factions. Just make it account wide from the start and they would have been perfect.
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    The zone design of Revendreth was really cool and reminded me of Storm Peaks, although I still prefer Storm Peaks. Castle Nathria was a very good raid, probably top 10 all time. Tazavesh was solid--I like it more than Mechagon but maybe not as much as Return to Kara. Venthyr fire mage with 4-set, double legendaries and the right talents is really fun--reminds me of Legion fire + the Mechagon bracers.

    The more I think about it, I think SL could have been a way better expansion if the story had revolved around the Ethereal cartel wars that were happening in the background. That sounded so much more interesting and high potential to me, but we barely got any of it in the game. And Tazavesh could have been the capital city.

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