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    I always thought the mechanic the Black Orks and Sword Masters had in Age of Reckoning were a perfect fit for Paladins with their seals.
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaladinBash View Post
    Ret has the problem of being a shit spec that is not only mediocre in terms of performance but has long had a deserved reputation for being braindead and boring to play. The only times it hasn't been boring have been when it has been fiddly and overcomplicated, often at the insistence of the few 'successful' players who play it, themselves almost invariably being underperforming players of better specs that rerolled Ret because it is played entirely by roleplayers, shitters and people that care nothing at all for parses/rankings in general. This is the other thing, almost nobody good plays Ret so an even modestly competent player of another spec, who would be quite far down the rankings if he played say a Mage or Warlock or whatever, will standout as exceptional at Ret not because he's particularly good at the game but because he not only has no competition but because the often-justified belief that Ret paladins are terrible.
    This is really complete BS. Sure, in WotLK until the T10 bonus it was dead easy, but so were a crap-ton of other specs. In Cata and onwards it was not simple and easy compared to the average DPS spec, even when the number of buttons was low - and that's in PvE. In PvP Ret was generally not easy at all, because of the amount of utility it had and how situational it was (and still is).

    This leads to the 'high end' players of the spec wanting it changed in ways that nobody that earnestly plays it out of either a misguided belief that Blizzard actually designs Ret properly (they don't even try to) and so think increased complexity will be mirrored by increased performance OR, more cynically, they KNOW this to be the case and want the spec made worse on purpose to discourage anyone else good from playing it. Why, you ask? Because they want to be kings of the scrap heap that this spec is. They actively want fewer people to play Ret (and if it's shit overall, it will be played less by good players by default), making their rankings higher and if it's very fiddly and gimmicky, only they will bother choosing those talents and builds that allow them to parse high to begin with. A few dozen people worldwide doing this as, say, Mages, would be a drop in the ocean but how many 'good' Ret paladins do you reallllllllly think there are parsing? And don't you dare even think it's more than that number, it's not.
    And now you're insulting everyone who plays Ret and is any good.

    So what we end up with is a spec that Blizzard hates and treats with contempt, that has a history of being played by shitties and elitist shitties, that is itself mediocre at the best of times and routinely far less, that doesn't scale well with gear, that gets nerfed immediately and needlessly if it ever does well at anything, that has a braindead and often unlikeable playstyle and will have to struggle to pug or join any decent group that doesn't personally know them? Again, your mileage may vary, but I never take Ret paladins to any key I ever have to find people for. Ever. And I've mained one for years.

    The ultimate enemy of every single ret paladin is every other ret paladin. You can't fight it. To even think this is wrong is to think it.
    More insults directed at Ret players, including yourself. Do you really hate yourself, because it sure sounds like it.

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