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    Cannot list my m+ key in premade groups

    Hi everyone,

    As the title says, I cannot list my own key at all. When I try to hit "list group" I get "you must enter a title for your group" and when I try to enter title I get "go and attach an authenticator 1st".

    Am I obliged to have an authenticator to play the game? I mean, it's not mandatory while logging to the game...

    Why do I need an authenticator now where I still use the same password for ages without having any security issues for ages?

    End of rant..


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    As far as I know, creating a group while in the dungeon tab should autolist it for u as ur keystone. But if u wanna edit it, u need to have an authenticator. You can thank boosters for that.

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    Yes you need an AUTHENTICATOR AND PHONE NUMBER attached to the account to list groups now.

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    It's part of their efforts to combat advertisement listings in the queue. Same reason why you can't use it under level 50 anymore either.

    I have pretty negative feelings about both restrictions, especially considering it hasn't made a noticeable impact on sale groups anyway.
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    because list advertising and afk can get you banned after enough people right click to report- i always report when i see one to make them dispeared frim my search list.

    so if aomeone steal tou account and make your account banned by list advertising on.group finder.

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    I have been running M+ since they started in Legion, took some time off WoW shortly after 9.1 came back recently, and same thing. I went to create a M+ group, and was like WTF is this? Why do I need an authentication on my account now, never needed it before, and really not in the mood to set one up, so I stopped creating them, and only joining.

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