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    What did you consider a luxury growing up?

    I would say
    Having my own bedroom
    Going out for meals
    My own computer

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    Not having internet

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    Growing up quite poor made this a luxury item. We lived with our aunt and uncle & their 3 kids in a small mobile home in Michigan. Later, they upgraded it to a larger, two-piece manufactured home with more bedrooms but even so, it was still two to a room and an hour+ bus ride to school every day. There wasn’t money for lunch tickets (usually), and my haircuts were done by my aunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    I would say
    Having my own bedroom
    Going out for meals
    My own computer

    Being a human being and not a spam bot that spams threads in order to collect data/information.

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    Fast food. It was a once a month thing, if that. Especially taco bell. Pizza was basically a no go with a poor family and 3 kids.

    A clean home. My parents were not good at cleaning the house.
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    Can't believe people still fall for this obvious data collection bot.

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    -Cable television. I only got to watch MTV (back when they played music) at friends' homes or from the hotel room when my family was on vacation.

    -Sony Discman. These used to be over $200 back in the late 80's and early 90's. Back then, that was a lot of money. Equivalent to about half a months rent on a 1 bedroom apartment.

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    Car toys - and it might not have been a luxury but I kept my mouth shut and never told my relatives that I wanted them so much

    they always got me the exact toys I never wanted - when I told them 'don't get me that' they bought it for me - doing the opposite of my request

    Back to car toys - now I'm an adult and it doesn't 'feel' the same - I can get them myself but I no longer have any interest

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    Life being bot free.

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    Grew up middle class, and my dad loves his toys (motorcycles, boats) but I always thought you were rich if you owned two same generation consoles like a N64 and a playstation, If you had a Game Gear (which i ended up getting for christmas), If you had an "exotic" console (Sega CD, Jaguar, Sega Saturn, 3DO or CDi), if you had a swimming pool or a double barreled Super Soaker.
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    Color television
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    I'd say real friends

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    Can't believe people still fall for this obvious data collection bot.

    If MMO-C didn't get money from its owners, it'd have been banned years ago
    for real. this thread glows

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    for real. this thread glows
    What do you mean?

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    As a child, I wanted a door with a magnetic lock so that no one could break into my room whenever they wanted.

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    I think CDs, Back when i was growing up, cds were expensive

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    When I was growing up, going to the movies was a luxury.
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    Getting take away was one I could remember. Maybe why I get so much now ..

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    Formal/fancy dresses. I was the middle child of 3 girls and I rarely got a full dress/gown from scratch for formal events like weddings, sweet 16s, homecoming, et cetera. My mother would alter existing ones my older sister had used or make a new one from scratch. My younger sister was too small to share a dress/alteration. They are pretty expensive for young girls so I definitely understood why I couldn't get a new dress that often. Bit of a luxury when I did. I kept them actually for decades too.

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