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    Quote Originally Posted by Iain View Post
    Suppose Blizzard added god-mode invincibility as a gameplay option, would you then say "just don't play with god-mode"?
    Of course. Why would you play with that on?

    If you don't like mods, turn them off. I don't like to click my spells, I like to keybind them. I don't start a thread asking for Bliz to remove clicking on spells.

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    The only two addons I would want to use honestly is Bartender and Move everything. Why? Because Blizzard didn't include the functionality to do so in game like FFXIV did, where you can basically move and rescale all your UI elements. Everything else is just whatever to me at this point. I have played since 05' and seen all the different iterations of WoW and addons. Back in the day you really didn't even have addons like that. We had to use website databases for things. Making things too easy, too convenient is like a slippery slope.
    Sort of like Flying. Once you go down that road it's very hard to come back. However at least with the flying thing, I always said that if they don't want you to fly in an area for a certain time or any time at all, then add flying enemies that make it annoying to do so. Or some such built in organic reasoning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epigramx View Post
    That won't happen, because you failed to see it practically. For example: if I want to be the best healer in the world: I'm gonna need mostly an amazing raid frames; but Blizzard ALREADY TRY TO PROVIDE THAT ON THEIR OWN; i.e. most "amazing addons that help" are already tried to be replicated by Blizzard.

    tl;dr: Blizzard already tries to provide those addons themselves (the default UI is technologically just another addon set); there were extremist addons like the directional ones but those functions were disabled.

    And let's say even Blizzard's UI would disable that basic functionality; what are you gonna do: heal by targetting people in the 3d world? that would be disgusting gameplay in a complex game already.

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    You underestimate the Blizzard UI. It can be usable if you tweak it well or at least if you move the frames around (and they plan to make them moveable I heard). Now some addons like TSM can be brutally advantegeous to some people.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think blanket statements like that misunderstand what weakauras even is. Technologically it does nothing different than getting plain LUA and running it in the console and all the pretty graphical stuff is just wrapping to present the results.

    i.e. to disable "weakauras" you don't disable weakauras; you practically wreck LUA itself; most of those functions are used for simplistic stuff like showing a health bar but if you combine that data: you can get something smart.
    yeah no f*ck that lol i have literally been playing with a similar looking UI since WoTLK. if they killed addons i would quit the game. i like having ElvUI look where i can hide stuff and integrate stuff etc. i like having full control over my UI. Addons arent entirely the reason fights get simplified. these addons are created because WoW notifications for these in game events are mostly trash so we need timers and sound alerts to know when things are happening. in other games its way more obvious what is happening. so no, never kill addons, maybe just stop certain functionality

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceperson View Post
    the devs have literally admitted they design around combat addons MULTIPLE TIMES! god... the ignorance of some people...
    It's almost like you didn't actually read my post.

    If you're not interested in discussing nuance, why bother replying? Just yell more, add caps, be angry. You don't need other people for that.

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    Since this thread is still going and players are continuing to blame add ons for the reason they can't down the J'lor on even Heroic. Let me make a note that SSC/TK in TBCC in a semi nerfed state (2.4.3 talents) were too hard for a lot of player base and had to nerfed, those fights are very simple and do not require add ons.

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    Yes, weakauras and bossmods need to be deleted permanently.

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