get rid of the story

ask anyone that plays or has played this game what they most fondly remember or what their favorite part was, nobody will say the story, and that is true for every era of this game

it's not because the writing is terrible, it's because an MMO is about your character and the experiences you have with other players, it's your story

sandbox the world

this ties into trashing the story as well

put content all around the world

make dungeons dungeons again

this game is not an esport, stop acting like it is, stop designing dungeons as MDI hallways and get back to designing an actual adventure

one difficulty for raids

raise the bar for getting into a raid, such that you it feels like an experience just walking through the portal

make loot cool/exciting again

without logging into the game, 99% of the players today would not be able to tell you the actual name of any of the gear they are currently wearing

the gear is no longer memorable

design the game, not the patch

stop resetting the game every 6 months, give permanence back to the community

a lot of this would alienate players that don't like MMOs, good