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    Quote Originally Posted by Th3Scourge View Post
    Pre nerf is a buff for 99% of the player base that never experienced the fights in that state.

    The fights were not released in their 2.4.3 state and are therefore a buff on what the fights were like during the original 2.4.3
    You think they can just do 2.0.1... not it would be a waste of time, they dont have backups of all that old code. Never thought they would need it. The just released on 2.4.3 because it was the most fixed version before the Wrath pre-patch.

    Yeah it is gonna make a good bit of pre-nerf content easier, some of it maybe even do-able. 100% certain the World 1st of Lady Vashj was a bugged kill. Did anyone actually kill her before she was patched? KT was fucking borked too. Bad tuning and bugs =/= difficulty. Especially when servers and gaming computers were far less powerful in 2007 than now. Not to mention even in wrath I still guildmates on dialup or satellite internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickJamesLich View Post
    I gotta disagree entirely, classic for many players is simply more fun than what retail has to offer. The reality is that for a lot of players retail has stunk for 10+ years. Us classic players don't ask for much, but toss us some bones here or there, a new raid, zone, or dungeons would be nice, not to mention classic last time around had a lot of players so blizz can make $$$ if they do it right, don't just release the same old stuff though.
    but then its not Classic WoW anymore.
    We're all newbs, some are just more newbier than others.

    Just a burned out hardcore raider turned casual.
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    So the upshot of this is essentially: I think I wanted Classic Wrath of the Lich King, but I don't.
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    If they ever want to make any changes to classic X expansion, it should be adding in all the cut content.

    Might make the likes of Cata and WoD worth playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    People miss the point: Classic BC and probably WotLK start up on the latest build, with nerfs and buffs. This already makes things easier by default and we are also stronger. Combined with knowing what to do at every single fight.
    TBC Classic literally started with the earlier, harder versions of raids. If you're going to post, at least have some idea about the topic of which you speak.

    And guess was a total failure because the average player doesn't want that 'extra challenge'. They want to relax and play old content. This e-sport crap is cancer for Retail and even worse for a Classic server.

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    I'll pass on any tune ups thanks
    Can make a tune up mode though, that sounds cool
    M0 Wrath lol
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    I disagree on normal mode, i think they should leave normal as it is, be accessible to everybody. However, I do agree they should buff heroic 10-25 by a lot. So if you want easy loot, stay in your lane. If you want to have a challenge, do heroics.

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    They have the season of mastery changes for Naxx. Put those in the Wrath Naxx so T7 isn't a complete joke(more than it was before) and things will probably be fine imo. I wouldn't mind some HP buffs, but players did start getting better in Wrath, just like in TBC from classic. So some of the "hard" Wrath bosses will still pose a challenge. If they really wanted to do something good, they'd just break weakauras.

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    I'd rather them not touch it at all, while it may not be perfect IMO it's better than anything the current designers can make, and I'd rather them leave their grubby mitts off it. (am Thinking of re-subbing for it but I'd rather it be like it was, not how the current dev's think it should be).
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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    As some people do not read, and instead jump into conclusions:

    No, I dont want fights for the 1%, I want fights to last more than 2 minutes, so everyone has a chance to actually enjoy their class, their CDs... That´s why a tune up would help. WotLK fights, as it stands on classic, don´t have a chance to last long, which is simply not fun. Even no lights is going to be so easy, because we know exactly what to do.


    Hello all,

    TBC has suffered a big problem. We all knew the content so good from doing it back in the day, then from farming it for mogs and what not over the years after. Player experience and more complex mechanics as of recently.. it all allowed us to faceroll the content in BC classic.

    There is 5 to 6 times more people running around on 4sb T6, warglaives... so many amani warbears the very week of release. I dare to say that, right now, the average server gear is the same as it was when we were deep into SWP over a decade ago, since not that many even got past Muru by the time the zombie event started anyway...

    Now WotLK comes and I see 3 big problems.
    1- More recent content and more popular.
    2- Easier raids in average.
    3- Far more accesible end game content.

    If we facerolled BC content, what are we going to do with WotLK´s? I think a base HP and dmg buff should be applied to all dungeon and raid bosses. A very simple way to ensure that we do not have guilds pulling Alone in the Darkness out of their butt in the first or second week... I don´t even ask for deeper work, just a plain, base buff to all, just to buy us some extra time.

    It will simply not be fun. Imagine Naxx.. it was a faceroll back then, so today we might as well go as levels 75 to make it stick a bit? Everyone is going to get there on full SWP sets lol... (remember, some BC loot goes well to Ulduar)

    That´s all I think WotLK classic will need I fear a lot of people will burn out of it too easily otherwise.


    Btw, classic haters don´t even bother replying, this is for people genuinely interested in WotLK classic Leave the toxicity away.
    Frankly you can tune it all you want, it's still going to be old content and as such very easy unless you tune it way into unfun territory and even then it's going to be tedious moreso than interesting or even challenging.
    It's really not an issue of tuning, it's an issue of being overprepared because you're literally doing decades old content.

    You want new takes on old bosses? I'm with you, but frankly you do not need classic for that, timewalking will do the job a lot better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SinR View Post
    but then its not Classic WoW anymore.
    I was of this opinion when classic was originally re-released, but with Season of Mastery, I find most people actually love the changes that were implemented. As long as it's not stuff like LFR, or something where you can buy transmog items in a cash shop. Really the players just liked the way the system encouraged folks to team up with each other, big raids, and the mechanics were fun.

    The one big complaint I've seen from SoM is that not enough changes were implemented. For most, they were able to do just about all the stuff they wanted to do last time in classic. This time around many would love to see new content. I'd also like to mention that blizz had a lot of stuff in vanilla that never got released, so that could be a good place to start. As long as they stay true to the mechanics and spirit of the game, new content would absolutely be welcomed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coffeh View Post
    TBC Classic literally started with the earlier, harder versions of raids. If you're going to post, at least have some idea about the topic of which you speak.
    First off, Class changes are always going to impact difficulty and generally speaking, players are stronger on the latest build if you discount the abuse of some broken specs that always exist in the early days of an expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Coffeh View Post
    And guess was a total failure because the average player doesn't want that 'extra challenge'. They want to relax and play old content. This e-sport crap is cancer for Retail and even worse for a Classic server.
    I don't know, i wouldn't call T5 a failure simply because KT and Vashj were more challenging than your average Classic / TBC boss.

    I'm not arguing for buffing Wotlk content, but people think that this is some sort of binary thing where you can only have super easy bosses or straight up modern day Mythic final boss encounters.

    And frankly, from the numbers on Warcraftlogs i've seen, the people who failed to kill Kael'thas / Vashj were actually in the minority.

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    Absolutely not, classic is for us dad gamers, do not ruin it and make us actually wipe, we hate wiping.

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    the "hardcore classic" gamers could not even handle pre-nerf tbc raids lol

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    For me personally a lot of the fun in raiding classic (+ TBC Classic) came from actually seeing the difference of how I experienced it back then compared to how I do now. And in some places the difference was huge

    In their own interest Blizzard should try to provide a product that the majority of their classic-playerbase wants. From my point of view Classic and TBC Classic were a huge success for Blizzard. A lot of paying players enjoy the game and are sticking to it (even though the game probably didnt provide a "real" cutting edge content from an objective point of view).

    I personally lack the information if more people would enjoy harder content, but if I'd have to guess, I think most people dont.

    So for me this sounds like a bad idea.

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    Classic is and should be a big nostalgia trip. Think of Classic as a huge LFR, you just play, see the content, but don't really wipe or get really challenged in mechanics etc. And that's a good thing, that's what this version of the game should be, focused on just having fun, focused on community.

    If you make it too hard, it kills the whole purpose of this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FricoRico View Post
    I didn't play TBC, and I will not play WOTLK for this very reason. I didn't get to play vanilla a lot because I joined just before TBC prepatch hit. As much as I liked TBC and WOTLK, I don't think it's worth it for me to invest so much time in playing the same thing I have played so much already. The nostalgic feeling is great, but not big enough to swallow the time investment needed to play the game properly.

    Not that Blizzard (or you) cares about my opinion, but I had high hopes that WoW Classic would not start re-releasing every expansion. I hoped that we would get actual new content based on the old mechanics. An alternative timeline in the WoW universe, with a new story and new content. I knew this would never happen, but it would make the time investment well worth it for me. I really prefer the old mechanics because they are harder and thus more rewarding, I liked that cooking and fishing actually gave huge benefits during leveling, I liked the less bombastic story where you are not the champion of Azeroth who has slayed so many god like creatures. But I'm not interested in reliving the past in WoW every step of the way. My irl friends who I played with back then are also not interested in that, so it will never be the same anyway.
    I had also hoped we’d get a Classic+

    I even wrote a story that would move from Classic all the way through the Cata era while making the entire story coherent.
    No entirely new content would need to be created either just tweaked.

    Sad that they chose not to go this route though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OokOok View Post
    We told you people like 4 years ago that this old content was going to be easy and nooooooooooooo you all screamed no changes and threatened to burn Blizzard to the ground when you found out the little changes they did make and now you all make these stupid ass posts every day asking for buffs to make it harder.

    News flash, NO CLASSIC CONTENT WILL EVER BE HARD. Stop trying to live some weird ass nostalgia, if you did it when it was current then you don't need it buffed because you already experienced the challenge. If you never did it then sucks to be you because you never will experience it because it will never be the same as it was.
    Play it for fun not for challenge because it will NEVER be a challenge.
    There is nothing hard or challenging about fights that people have done for entire tiers when it was current or can just look up 1000 kill videos. Not to mention at this point you have exact knowledge of buffs/nerfs and what will or won't be good on a new tier and in 2009/2010 people still had shitty computers and shitty internet which played a huge factor in a lot of mechanics like defile.

    You won't get hard classic content until Legion, if they buff EN and add in the rogue nerfs from the start and that's just facts.
    I mean Cata was pretty was pretty rough for the average player base pre-nerf.

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    Just give me the option to toggle new (WoD) character models and I'll be happy.
    Otherwise, WoTLK is as good as it can be, there is no need for further modifications.

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    C137 For now......
    its gonna be easy no matter what they do. for some people. the top guilds will always same day it. the same way they do it on retail when mythinc hits. there are plans and ways to gear for it. and funnel gear to core raid teams.
    thats not what most of us are there for.
    im on my second time in tbc classic and im loving it. some of it is challenging to me. some of it isnt. but its fun and i get to play with my friends again in things we love to do for a few hours a week. classic is the only ting i still have a sub for. i dont play retail cause i dont like it. i love wrath. if they screw around and take away what i like about wrath i have no reason to play anymore. only reason im still here is i knew wrath would come around eventually. thats it. when wrath drops that is what i will play till im tired of playing. i dont like the retail stuff. i buy the expacs cause the money helps them stay in business so i can play classic. ive logged about 5 hours since launch on shadowlands. ive logged hundreds of hours on classic and tbc classic. so im good with wrath being the way it is.

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