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    Developing the Aetherblades blog post


    Won't copy/past it all since I'm a bit too lazy to format it and drop in images, but this is cool! I like that they're doing more developer blogs on a variety of topics and skimming this (since I'm still not done with the expansion...gah, whatever, eventually) it seems like there's a nice look behind the curtain on how Anet handles writing/lore, including some rewrites for Mai Trin based on early tester feedback.

    It's neat seeing there isn't some grand, perfect plan from the get-go and that often times they have to scramble to rework/rewrite elements of the story based on needed changes while still having them fit with already produced content/cutscenes.

    Having never really known about the aetherblades before this expansion, I killed them but I had no clue who they were since I didn't pay attention/remember, this expansion did a great job of providing context for who they are and who Mai Trin is if you missed anything from the existing content.

    Hoping these blog posts continue, I still very much am liking this version of Anet.

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    Love getting blog posts like these. Always so interesting to read what ideas they had and how they go about things. Hope to see more of these in the future!

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