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    10.0 Glyph UI Leak

    Snagged these from a friend. Says they're not sure the Glyph system will be ready for 10.0, but this where its at currently

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    Rams are cool, but I want Spirit Gryphons

    Neat idea

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    Just cosmetics? Got my hopes up for a second

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    Probably fake, like the concept though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypester View Post
    THis. This & transmogs would be so much better than class skins. And I think a lot of people wanted it for a long time. I would hope they give Paladin Void Knight options.

    But I think this is fake because this could easily be created with an addon, or that the fire glyphs are on flame shock, which barely has an animation: Shouldn't they be on Lava Burst?

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    I would love this but seems fake.

    Does the in-game model viewer even properly display particle effects?

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    someone's been playing elden ring for sure

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    If this is legit I'm gonna be thrilled
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    Honestly, I could get behind this.

    It's especially great for Warlocks where you have to constantly swap out glyphs to change a demon's appearance... and boy is it a nuisance.

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    That is the most fake yellow lightning description text I could think of.

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    As I said in the main thread, the spells and animals not being in alphabetical order is weird.

    There's also, as someone else mentioned there, the fact that it is spelled Quile, not Quilin like it is on that. Not outright disqualifying (see the whole "Foresworn" misspelling in Korthia) but odd too.

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    The spelling errors, the weird names, the description that reads like someone used google to translate a paragraph out of a chinese geography schoolbook, the weird font, the fact that its just the mount tab and whoever made this didn't bother removing the mount equipment slot (which is so redundant).

    This is very fake.

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    I mean, it's obvious that such a system would ever go to a live environment. But for initial design phases? I could totally see them using the mount UI as a jumping off point.

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    The idea is good but look fake as f

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    If it's not real, Blizzard should steal the idea.

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    Major problem I see here is that if they are using the mount/pet list system then windows are listed wrong. By default these windows list favorite items on top then learned ones alphabetically. The bottom ss shows favorites below other learned glyphs and both are out of alphabetical order

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    Faking this would be like 3min on your private server.
    Very unlikely its true.

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    Doubt it's real, but I like the concept. If this was a really early or test version of the system I would actually be excited for what it could be with a little polish.

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