Hi everyone! Teebling from diablo2.io here.

I built a simple tool on the site that allows people to coordinate Diablo Clone walks in anticipation of the upcoming changes to his mechanics in Resurrected 2.4 (which isn't far away now hype!). Here's a link to it.

It allows anyone (no registration required) to report the progress of Dclone on any region or game mode combination - no registration is required. Just type the /uberdiablo command in-game, and then select the right message from the dropdown.

The aim is to help people coordinate - whether that's looking to see where the next Dclone walk is happening, wanting to find Stone of Jordan sales for your game mode, or finding other players/games for the walks themselves.

I know it's not much but I'm hoping this gives that extra little push that maybe some casual players might need to see Dclone walk in Resurrected. Looking forward v much to 2.4 and ladder season 1, thanks for reading!

You can find the Diablo Clone Progress Tracker here.