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    Quote Originally Posted by Rigman View Post
    Even if you were just talking about Blizzard, the points are shared between all development houses. Most people won't risk their reputation by leaking something, most sign NDA's requiring them to not leak this stuff or face punishments. And when it is leaked, it's typically done by a third-party person who saw something they shouldn't have seen and capitalized on it. Hence why you typically get a single photo over an entire video. It's easier, more subtle, and you are less likely to get caught. Your failure to understand how this works to believe some stupid conspiracy is a bit awe-inspiring, but then again, some people believe the world is flat.
    Don't even bother. As you have seen, they will just resort to ad hominem and bad faith arguments. Your energy is spent better replying to people who are going to have a proper debate with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorCrow View Post
    Hi! Hello! How are you? I wish to have a quick discussion on something that has crossed my mind regarding Taliesin & Evitel.

    Now to first state, I'm not a super big watcher on anything WoW TV related. I read the WoWhead articles and lurk here in MMO. I don't tend to post an opinion. I also want to say this isn't inflammatory. Nothing wrong and purely skeptical.

    So here's my theory and it'll start with context. It all starts with the Thread on the Dragonflight leak on February 8th. -IF- we are to believe this is factual and the idea of "Micro-classes" being a thing we can start by saying "Okay well that might be a problem because that doesn't sound balanced at all" and "Well leveling with friends will suck if we both pick the same party role (Being single spec classes)." There are glaring flaws with a lot of the post but they can be remedied by adjustment including the incorrect release date (Either a delay or intentional).

    Next we have the video that Taliesin & Evitel made where they elaborate on class skins and where those might go for the future. How we can use them and it matches past wowhead articles of the exact same nature back in November where it also got a lot of praise.

    So my theory is thus *Wraps on tinfoil hat*:
    • The Leak was intentional: Either by Blizz or actually an Angry Employee
    • Taliesin and Evitel are explaining the concept early to gauge reaction for Blizz, as that would be intelligent and I don't necessarily believe the company is not.
    • This is all due to the complete fallout as of late, ranging from lawsuits to sub loss.
    • It would be clever but understandable if I'm just insane.

    I appreciate you reading this and again, not inflammatory. I would have posted links and videos but since I'm a new poster I can't. Oh well.
    Hope not. I saw them stream a few times and all the guy did was talk down and talk about people. He did seem drunk but still. The lady seems nice tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post

    they have actually predicted a fair few things, a LOT of thing, just because they did not get those 3 things right does not mean they have never gotten anything right.
    Name 5 important things they predicted that came true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyWholeLifeIsThunder View Post
    Of course. My point here is that OP's logic is flawed at the core, even putting aside issues of legitimacy of the leak, and the unlikeliness of hiring T&E for astroturfing.

    (And it's not even that they wouldn't hire wowtubers, but that T&E is know for making predictions that don't come true so where is the credibility there?)
    I'll bounce off this to answer questions. So I made this thread a day or so ago and it got held in limbo and I assumed something went wrong >.> I guess it just sat in mod stuff.

    Furthermore, not a throwaway here, real new account just thought I'd post something to discuss and what MWLIT and others have already stated, it is flawed.

    Totally didn't see the timestamp around T&E's video, which sort of shakes up the whole thing.

    Also if any of you are taking this thread seriously and getting -heated- over it, you're not being rational. It's a conspiracy with flaws and holes. I'm not expecting it to be 100% factual and neither should any of you.

    Keep the discussion going if you want, but I think it's clear I screwed up.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Applied obvious crow picture as proof of my true birth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulillillia View Post
    1. You weren't able to provide any good arguments in that other thread and then started getting dishonest. Don't bring your animosity here and tell lies about me.

    2. The very same person you quoted is talking about leaks outside of WoW, when it is clear that I was only ever talking about WoW leaks, and I even made that clear in the post above you, but you didn't read that or any of the other posts I made in this thread. So stop being dishonest. This is the last I will respond to you, because you are clearly not arguing in good faith.
    1. I literally provided 3 arguments you never gave a reply to, as well as a question you simply ignored all the time. What a gall calling others dishonest when you literally flee from the arguments and change topics constantly. Stop projecting, man.

    2. The person I'm talking about did an example with how a leak from outside works. He didn't say that a leak outside wow it's about wow. If you don't understand a basic comparison talking about other thing to exemplify what is being talked about, I think you should check what reading comprehension is because you accuse everyone of it but then you are the first one not understanding what is being said. Again, stop projecting. I'm not the only one in this thread who is already recommending to not engage with you because you are arguing in bad faith and/or trolling, or both.

    Actually at this point I cannot believe you are this clueless, this has to be trolling. Good riddance.
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    I have the theory that many projects including Taliesin & Evitel are very good to be passion projects and in reality they are all Blizzard employees in a more freelance status, warcraftlogs, weakauras, wowhead (with all its very helpful comments below), etc they are just wayyy to good .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ek0zu View Post
    I have the theory that many projects including Taliesin & Evitel are very good to be passion projects and in reality they are all Blizzard employees in a more freelance status, warcraftlogs, weakauras, wowhead (with all its very helpful comments below), etc they are just wayyy to good .
    What in the world?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I get it now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rigman View Post
    Even if you were just talking about Blizzard
    What do you mean even if? We're in the WoW forum, talking about the next WoW expansion, and everything I mentioned was specifically WoW related. You just either didn't read properly or ignored on purpose.

    Nothing outside of WoW is relevant, because this is a thread specifically about the "conspiracy theory" that maybe Blizzard does these things on purpose. Which is what my first post specifically talked about. And all other subsequent posts as well.

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    Don't bother Rigman, it's clear that either he can't grasp the concept of what a comparison or example is, or he's acting like he doesn't, and none of them are going to give you a proper debate around the matter. He's been doing this through several threads already and seems to be wanting to pick fights in some others. Don't feed the troll

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