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    i only played for the first two months of the expansion, might resub for an additional month and check out all the things they added since then.

    i really enjoyed shadowlands in those first two months, pretty much everthing was very interesting and beautiful, i liked how my four chosen classes for the different covenants felt "at home" in those regions (hunter/ardenweald, DH/revendreth, paladin/bastion, DK/maldraxxus)

    i also want to praise that they finally dedicated "an entire zone" to slimes!

    alot of slime pets and quests and maldraxxus in parts was just some kind of slime playground ^^

    im a bit of a slime fan so that was really cool for me :>

    other than that, i also enjoyed the different stories in each zone, the general theme of revendreth was especially awesome!

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    I honestly did enjoy the themed armor based on the covenants and the weapon token from the first tier was a stroke of genius they now stubbornly refuse to repeat.

    The lighting effects on the new zones with and without ray tracing look incredible to. If you haven't used a potion of inky darkness I would recommend it.

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    All the positive I can say...
    - Season 1 had a great Mythic+ affix; it felt really good going to something like that from the BfA Season 4's Awakened. I genuinely had fun doing Mythic+ during Season 1 until me and all of my friends quit.
    - Giving Holy Power back to Holy Paladins wasn't a bad idea at the end of the day (even though I was skeptical at first). Healing without having to worry about ever going OOM is a great feeling.
    - New character customization options were a good start (but we need more).
    - Sylvanas seems to be out of the picture now, hopefully at least for a couple of expansions, which means there's an opportunity to shift the attention to more interesting characters.
    - Because Shadowlands flopped so early, Blizzard was hopefully able to invest more time and resources into 10.0 being actually good.

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    Torghast did initially provide some great solo challenge that was progressive and attainable. Slowly ramping up in difficulty. It was nice having that for as long as i was interested in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachtigal View Post
    Seek help. You came to a positivity thread to spew your bullshit.
    Are you ok? Did your feelings get hurt? Do you need a hug?
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    Really liked 9.0. Tanks were a little too squishy in m+ but they got buffed. Prideful sucked when the count got messed up and tank cldnt fix it. Was amazing when everything went correctly. Got ksm, played a few more weeks, then took a break for tbc.

    9.1 was stupid. Dom shards were the dumbest idea and I didn't even resub. M+ is my main content and shards working in m+, but only obtainable in raids is why.

    9.1.5 fixed a lot of qol stuff.

    Resubbed a couple weeks before 9.2. Been loving it still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dystemper View Post
    Are you ok? Did your feelings get hurt? Do you need a hug?
    Hes right tho. Why read the thread title, click into the thread, then post the opposite of what the thread is abt?

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    Revendreth, Denathrius, Meeting Vashj and Kael'thas again, Torghast by concept is actually really fun (just wish there more reasons to do it than to just farm soul ash), Sylvanas's Quiver for Hunters was pretty cool. Seeing Ysera again was nice too and so was looking over her life story. Theotar was a delight and I do like Emeni who was a Sethrak Princess turned into an abomination.

    I like Zereth Mortis's art style and I will admit that the Jailer does look decent with armor on then without it. The cutscenes are an improvement... Death Knight Pandarens are finally here after they've been teased as far back as WoD. I do also like Baine's quote "Maybe she shouldn't ever wake up" when Sylvanas was in a coma.

    And the little owl servants in Bastion were cute.. and finally.. I like the Light Saber Swords...

    Oh and also Nathanos's death scene... and that's all I have to say about Shadowlands. Everything was either Meh or... "WHHHHYYYYYY!?!?!?!?

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    Shadowlands Echo Chamber Thread

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    For me personally, everything except the story has been a nice improvement over BFA. I'm in the same 'eh' sort of place on the story in general now as I was in BFA. Unlike some, I don't think this is the worst the lore has ever been. It's definitely not good right now, though.

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    Some of the best environment design overall

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    For the Shadowlands specific features, I believe that:

    1. Current Legendaries iteration is the best yet with a lot of player agency and little to no RNG to it.

    2. Covenants, after the round of improvements, are pretty good and I would not mind seeing this return in next expansion with some touch up.

    Naturally above are not perfect, but they are, in my opinon, a keeper after some additional improvements.
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    Best PvP experience since wrath of the lich king...this one is a legendary expansion for PvP'ers.
    No kap

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    Quote Originally Posted by choom View Post
    Some of the best environment design overall
    Yes, absolutely. But the zones were separate and that felt like cheating. There's a few points that showed where zones were appearing to be seeping into each other and it would've been so much more powerful if Blizzard had more fun with that.

    Sorry, it's a positivity thread, but I suppose having had an enormous amount of potential is positive or something?

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    Class design honestly might be at its all time peak. All 36 specs play fluidly, flavorfully, and have things to love about them. The Legion reworks were great, and BFA and Shadowlands have only refined them further.

    And I love lots of other things about Shadowlands as well! But I feel like the class design is an often overlooked one because people are accustomed to having the words "Class design sucks! Balance sucks!" in their mouths, when the reality of Shadowlands couldn't be further from that.

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    Great vault was a great first step for a weekly reward, one which of they expand on (ie bad luck protection, etc) makes for a genuinely satisfying weekly progression/carrot on a stick.

    Class design is fairly balanced, and most specs feel good to play.

    Art/music team per usual knocked it out of the park.

    Covenants post 9.1.5 being able to freely swap. They change playstyle enough for each spec that it's fun to mess around in.

    Dungeons/raids. Per usual great job here. CN was great and Denathrius was a great villain.

    Honestly, I don't think SL deserved the vitriol it gets. It's far from their best work, but it's been enjoyable for me.
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    Hard to think of a single good thing when even the updated customization options came with downsides in some cases. Return of tier sets is good, I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodbayne View Post
    Shadowlands Echo Chamber Thread
    Let's get the Shadowlands Negativity Thread started.
    The absolute state of Warcraft lore in 2021:
    Kyrians: We need to keep chucking people into the Maw because it's our job.
    Also Kyrians: Why is the Maw growing stronger despite all our efforts?

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    To echo a seemingly common perspective: the art department (specially the zone aesthetics aspect) has a pretty good track record, even in Shadowlands.

    Normally, I throw in the music department, but Shadowlands didn't really "wow" me (excuse the pun) this time. Drustvar probably set the bar high in terms of the combination of zone + music nailing it.

    Denathrius as a character and in execution was done pretty well. Says something nowadays when you want to see more of a character in WoW.

    Everything else was either par for the course or a downgrade in quality. However, I think intent behind actions also should play a role in rating, as you can have two systems do the exact same thing, one being designed to provide a great experience why the other designed to waste your time or out of prideful spite. Considering how much of the testing and blue-post/interview responses have been, what really drags Shadowlands down is that much of the on-par/downgrade could've been way better... but the reason they were bad wasn't due to honest mistakes and good intentions, but seemingly out of pride and spite and disrespect towards the player. I suppose you can't expect much from a company that was treating even their own employees badly, as a nameless/faceless player probably wouldn't even register as a person beyond a vague group.
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    Shadowlands is quite fun now with all the gear, tiersets, leggos etc and ripcords pulled.

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    The Jailer fight is like... crazy, weirdly fun. Like the most fun fight I've ever done.

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