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    Just to be clear, I'm not saying that the website should be run using the extension, that's up to people personal preferences just like addons are on wow. Here I'm just looking for feedback, probing for my own edification to see if people are interested in a layout update for mmo-c

    The goal is to indeed display less elements in order to give more visibility to some.
    Giving more space for the forum to display more elements for instance or just put more focus on it as the blue posts are usually highlighted in the articles below.
    Though displaying the time of the latest blue post could next to the blue icon could be done by the website devs, and would be a nice indicator

    - - - Updated - - -

    I encourage you to read again what I've said to you. You can call me however you want, I told you what suits me best, do as you please.

    I just don’t see how it’s an improvement to take a performance hit by coding something where the only functionality is to show more of a title. While completely hiding the others.

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    10% more forum thread titles vs 100% less blue titles(which don’t need extending in their current form).

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    I will link chaud to this thread in case he finds the suggestions valuable for future changes, but I'm locking this now since it's just people being rude to each other.
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