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    You must be smoking that strong Zandalari shit, cause shadow was an absolute disaster zone in BFA.
    Being in voidform for 90% of the time was mighty fun
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    Not sure how much fun can be extracted from a class that literally had it's core ripped out, with next to nothing done to dress the gaping hole. The entire class identity and all it's mechanics were based on knaifu and her procs and effects, and it was painfully obvious how deficient and malformed it was on it's own.

    Class was on life support and suffering painful convulsions. I don't see any other apt way to describe what was happening. Each patch cycle brought sweeping changes to itemization and desired stats. Performance of the spec would range from competing with tanks during progression to smugly questioning if other specs are even needed towards the end of the patch, constantly at the whim of next minor changes to some like azerite traits.

    Then again, people can find anything fun...

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    First off, lets not have yet another class revamp, ok? We have, for the first time since MoP, a shadow spec that it's designed with some planning done beforehand, so let's not throw a tantrum for no reason.
    No, let's have a revamp. The dot playstyle just doesnt work in M+, unless you get a bandaid tool to instantly spread dots (like Enh Shamans spread Flame Shock). The problem is that SPriests get it from a talent and they have it baseline.

    It feels terrible to play, especially when you gotta count the amount of adds and add or drop spells based on that.

    My proposal:

    Get rid of Shadow Word Pain and Vampiric Touch. Make us generate insanity from directly casting damaging spells. Then, have us spend it on Devouring Plague (the only dot we keep). Then let us spread DP with Mind Blast.

    This already takes more effort to spread a dot than Enh Shamans have to do, but it feels fair considering its a spender instead of a builder.

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    Seems like you really either need mind sear to do real damage or perhaps let Sn apply all dots on the target. I imagine #2 would be more likely, and there's no reason you couldn't balance those numbers to work once shadowflame prism is gone. Shadow would be back to to the ghost spewing class but without all the horrid buildup of BFA
    I dislike Searing Nightmare because it doesn't do anything to promote the most fun aspect of Shadow Priests: Sending a lot of floaty ghosts to your target.
    Seeing that army of ghosts fly over feels amazing and you just know youre doing your job right when its a lot of them.

    They should just have Mind Blast automatically spread dots. We're gonna lose legendaries and the current talents/cov-abilities/tier anyways so they can take the effort to fix it, or at the very least just add new things so that a non searing-nightmare playstyle becomes viable.
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    How about an alcoholic not drinking for 1 full year? Its not difficult cause the task is literally just not drinking.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aydinx2
    People who don't buy the deluxe edition should be permanently banned. I'm sick of playing with poor people.

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