Hello! Me and a IRL friend are LFG for a guild that is pushing heroic and preferably into mythic in the future.

We are former mythic raiders, looking to get back into that this raid.

Our preferred raid times, due to work constraints would have to be in an 8:00 - 11:30PM EST window, and any days Saturday-Thursday (Just not Friday)

We are a Holy paladin, and Holy priest. We have 4/11H 11/11N Currently, but we have not had a guild to push with yet and this is just off PuGing.

Holy paladin has just got his 4 set, and the priest has 3 tier pieces.

The paladin has semi-decent logs on WLogs, but these kills were before acquiring 4 set, and having less than 255 ilvl.

You can contact me through this post, or add my battle tag, Zero#11171, or Vitaminass-Stormrage in-game.

Thanks for your time in reading this!