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    Classic WotLK:
    - Not implementing dungeon finder is not implementing the main selling point for me. On top of that they will sell boosts. Hard pass.


    - Talent tree. Looks amazing

    - Draconic parc island looks bland so far. SL zones were much better (not a compliment).
    - The look of the new draggy race looks horrible and out of place. It looks like Spyro spitting rainbow breath on it's targets.
    - Dragon flying: why?! you had the opportunity to make the new draggy race fly ...
    - Profession: i can't trust Blizz to make them relevant again.
    - Nothing about casual / world content
    - Nothing helping alts

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    Entirely new race that many have been asking for.. locked to just one class. Don't care if their abilities are stripped down to the minimum. Let it play other classes.. What a waste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awadh View Post
    No power systems? Are we going back to the good old Blizz from MoP? This expansion has a chance to be MoP 2.0, a perfect expansion.

    Normal flying with MECHANICS, no dogshit pathfinder trash kind of filth?

    This xpac is looking fucking golden. I predict 100% uptime on my sub and going back to realm first chasing like I did in MoP.
    I've not been this hyped for an xpac in a looooooooong time!
    MoP had 6 zones + Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle. We may get more than this trailer revealed but it's smaller in comparison with the information we have right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    Since everyone hated the Maw, do we really count it?
    its not a great slogan "the same (small) amount of zones as the addon before, if we dont count the worst one".
    how about we try to make it better than the last one and make a huge fucking world for once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rageonit View Post
    And that's exactly what they should do - focus on the core gameplay that makes WoW WoW. Especially if it means more dungeons, raid bosses and more frequent updates.
    but I'm not talking about systems, I'm talking about the content of the expansion, i.e. what exactly are we going to be doing on the dragon isles. WQs, quests, goals, dungeons, raids, other expansion features like Torghast, pvp and so on. They talked about the dragon flight, which is cool and basically the griffon mount from GW2, but surely there's more than that right?

    sure it's good for them to finally focus on core gameplay, but reworking and updating a bunch of existing stuff is not what an expansion should be saying is the main feature.
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    Cinematic looked good. But so did the others before it.

    Waiting till 2 or 3 months in reviews are in after release, this time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdance View Post
    It's time to kick neurodivergant people out of design
    It's time to kick people like you out of videogames.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcsaar View Post
    Filler expansions are terrible when your game is hemorrhaging subscribers because its already not in a good place. For a healthy game they can be tolerated, for a game in WoW's position, they needed way more.
    true but at the same time we have no clue on this expansions big bad, so maybe it is filler maybe it isn't, it isn't really known right now until we kind out more about the story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdance View Post
    What kind of furry rainbow haired transgender people designed that class LMAO
    Ha! Exactly.

    Even one of those women said she’s happy she can have colorful hair like hers.

    From an adult fantasy game to Fortnite wannabe. So sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammonoske View Post
    Entirely new race that many have been asking for.. locked to just one class. Don't care if their abilities are stripped down to the minimum. Let it play other classes.. What a waste.
    Agreed. In MoP they introduced a new race as well as a new class to fit alongside the new race. They could very easily have done the same here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    The game is healthy. Ity isn't hemorraging subscribers either. They go uop when expansion hits, they go down as expansion goes on, small rises for each patch. It is a cycle.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Actually they don't. With all Blizzcon annoucements, the pre-order doesn't come until release date is announced.
    You can look up a mountain of data showing that WoW's average sub base has been dropping every year by quite a big amount. Every time new content or expac comes out, less people come back and people don't stay as long.

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    Zones exceeded my expectations. Finally wide and sprawling areas rather than patchwork of clustered mini-areas where if you aren't careful you fall into a different hive of quest mobs.

    This is why I play WoW. I don't care about systems, I just want a place to zone out in. If there's more reasons to stay subscribed then that's a bonus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jdance View Post
    What kind of furry rainbow haired transgender people designed that class LMAO
    That's a bit much... but indeed the character design looks quite camp, even for WoW standards. Was also noticeable in Shadowlands.

    But I'm particularly partial to some of the designers that left Blizzard and it's easy to rag on WIP's. But yeah, I must put effort in treating this part of the expansion fairly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    PLayer housing is nt needed and good on Blizz for not going there. People can play Sims if they want to play house.
    Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean it isn't a fit. There's a fairly large contingent of players who'd love something like it in WoW. As it would/should be entirely optional you can just choose to ignore that part of the game.

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    I mean... I wasn't really expecting much out of this reveal.

    First of all, the positives, of which there are only three...
    • Talent trees are BACK, sorta. Never thought that Ion's greatest achievement would be to undo Ghostcrawler's worst fuck-up as class designer. If these trees are present throughout the whole levelling experience that'll be great.
    • Profession rework looks decent. If it makes professions actually relevant in endgame then I'm all for it.
    • UI rework. New UI looks quite clean, but I can't help but feel that nobody's going to use it since addon usage is the norm now. They'd have to add a lot of baseline features like raid boss alerts, functioning threat and DPS meters, etc to wean people off of addons.
    And now... the many negatives
    • Dracthyr? Fucking really? They look and sound like something you'd see in a subpar Warcraft fan-fiction written by someone who really loves dragons. To be fair, everything in the game's lore since BFA has screamed shitty fan-fic. Also... they stick out like a sore thumb amongst the other races in the WarCraft universe, even the Dragons themselves.
    • Evoker... The class itself is incredibly lame too, being effectively locked to the Dracthyr race like a symbiotic duo. It's impossible to take a ranged DPS spec seriously when they do melee slashes and somehow hurt their foes from 40 yards away. Also... fire breath? Brewmasters can do that already, it's nothing special. Preservation looks like a straight-up remake of Restoration, and it doesn't even make lore sense for anything other than a Red Dragonflight Dracthyr to be able to cast healing magics...
    • Dragonrider skill - Imagine if Covenants and Pathfinder hate-fucked and produced an unholy abomination. That's what I envision Dragonrider becoming. It genuinely looks like people are going to buy into another one of Ion's convoluted character progression systems because "look, you can glide like Spyro the Dragon!" I am almost willing to put money on stat boosts and combat abilities being locked behind your choice of drake, and on some sweaty nerd with an Excel spreadsheet min-maxxing every drake/ancient glyph choice to determine what's BiS and what's going to get you booted from every single group.
    • I hate how four zones and one raid has become this standard for each new WarCraft expansion. It's like Blizzard are genuinely selling us far less content for more money, and acting like it's justified. Just give us like... 7 or 8 new zones and three starting raids for fuck's sake.
    • From a lore perspective, the drakes you get access to don't even make sense. Didn't we literally drive the Black Dragonflight to near extinction in Cataclysm? Isn't Wrathion the only surviving Black Dragon left in Azeroth? So why aren't we getting Azure and Bronze drakes but rather two Black Drakes?

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    who is the enemy ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarx View Post
    who is the enemy ?
    Your wallet.

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    Im not underwhelmed, in fact, what was showed here I really like it.

    That said, it feels short on information.
    I also expected a revamp on timewalking at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustRandomName View Post
    Something new on this website: I enjoy wow, I like shadowlands and I will enjoy new expansion

    Great post. Had a good laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarx View Post
    who is the enemy ?
    Seem's like they're still sorting that out, given the vague "Ancient evils have also awoken" and nothing else

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maerad View Post
    Maybe that's a good thing. When I started with WoW I absorbed anything about a new xpac. Every class, skill and whatever I could find. Also playing the Beta etc.

    After MOP I stopped with that and tried to enjoy the cinematic and some information bits here with mmo-champ. Trying to avoid spoilers and do "too much".
    Because this killed my expectations and fun with every xpac. And so far, every xpac still got me excited and I really like to play WoW. Yes, at the end I start to visit way less, because I don't have the time for any meaningful raid or mythic with kids, wife and work flying around. Growing up sucks in that regard.
    But still, WoW is may go to game for ages now. And will be I guess, till they shut down the servers.

    Just try it - maybe less is more sometimes. I really hope the xpac will be something between WotLK, cataclysm and MoP. Maybe it's time for a xpac where we don't fight the ultimate evil. Were we simply rebuild and kick some serious ass. =)
    I thought about it, but it's not that there isn't a big deal - it's more like there is nothing exciting to connect to what has been going on or what things mean. Even if it is a "holiday expansion" - something has got to be happening. In classic, we were exploring the aftermath of WC3 and getting to know a number of new races, and the new fate of the old races - so even without a centralised story or big bad , there was something to connection to look forward to or discover where it would lead.. this approach they've done here I don't feel works for an expansion continent in the style of previous expansions.

    Will have to see if there is more. But I felt no draw, no punchlines, nothing to make me excited or too curious. I'm like /shrug okay, and not to bothered to find out.

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