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    That Guild Wars 2 mount though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faldric View Post
    This feels like an expansion a tool would autogenerate as template. This really looks generic.
    Same thing people said about MoP and the expansion turned out to be very solid.

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    Those Tuskarr updates look allied racey

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    mixed feelings about it.. this would have been nice if it came after WotLK. the way WoW is now, I'm not sure. the concept is great though.
    ...that's just my opinion, anyway.

    All of this cosmological stuff is too boring for me. I'd like to get Warcraft back, please. my thing is killing defias and orcs.

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    Blizzard needs to purge the furries from their art and design teams. Dracthyr design has furry hack artist stench all over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    They haven't announced a release time frame yet. When they do that, you will get your pre-purchases.
    If that happens, we are talking qtr 2 2023.

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    Rename mmo-champion to complain-champion seriously

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    I think the Tinker ship officially died back when they released the mech gnome and their entire area without releasing Tinkers. Can't believe we got a Dragon class before Tinkers; never would've guessed that.
    I like the idea though... but only 2 specs, feels like they could do 3. Then again, they wanted to avoid melee which I get, and having 2 ranged DPS might be redundant.

    Either way, it's new... thus I will play it.

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    Why can i not pre order???

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    Quote Originally Posted by StillMcfuu View Post
    If that happens, we are talking qtr 2 2023.
    THey did say they were getting ready to annonce alpha, so it should be Q1 2023 at the latest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inukashi View Post
    So that's it? That's all?
    Demon hunter 2.0?
    some dungeons and a raid?

    Yeah.. well...
    So basically like every expansion so far (more levels, more raids, more dungeons, more zones)? Are you new to the game or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seiklis View Post
    Those Tuskarr updates look allied racey
    Didn't even think of that and I'm down for it. Love the Tuskarr when going through WotLK content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sargasm View Post
    Why can i not pre order???
    Because they have not given a release timeframe yet. They will activate pre-orders when they make that announcement.

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    really meh trailer tbh, sure the CGI itself was good as Blizzard usually nails that, but what was shown was rather boring and kinda generic and un-warcrafty. I will say, the lore part of the reveal was already showing retcons and honestly not that interesting.

    as for content, this is such a standard expansion in terms of that.

    Like sure, new class and race is cool (but boy the dragon race look out of place compared to the current races we can play as) and it's good to see more RPG-like talents again, but rest of the list for content is just standard expansion stuff... so gotta wait to see what they are doing for other features and systems for this expansion (cause we know they are going to do systems).

    Though on the mount, I really hope Blizzard put in a lot of work into the animations of the new dragon mount, cause Guild Wars 2 is the mount standard for MMOs and Blizzard would do well to meeting or surpassing the mounts in GW2 in terms of animation (even simple things like mount idle animations or how the dragon moves). They basically are copying the GW2 mounts with this dragon flight, so let's see if they actually do a good job at that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trollied View Post
    Not sure what your point is? They haven't implemented thing from leaks/rumours?
    my point is they haven't implemented anything.

    If you are into pve or pvp. What is new for you?
    Your already existing passives and talents moved into a new talent tree? Whoooaaa

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    So, are we ignoring the fact that I learned how to fly dragons at an ace level in Burning Crusade with the Netherwing and already have like 20 dragon mounts?

    I think that experience should carry over. Seems weird.

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    This is freaking horrible

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    Something new on this website: I enjoy wow, I like shadowlands and I will enjoy new expansion

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    as an FX nerd... I like the idea of how they do spells for Evoker.

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    Very cool except for the inevitable flood of characters with variations of the names Hiccup and Toothless

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