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    In my opinion, I feel like a magenta color actually works pretty well for the Evoker. Something more red than Paladin but less purple than DH.
    I do like this color choice

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    Fitting color next to Monk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redshirtz View Post
    Why not make it gold or dark silver or something..
    So the people that keep saying Tinker will be the next class have hope.

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    I would like to see more like coral (salmon) color.

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    Three green classes, I think it's a terrible choice.

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    really fuckin dumb color choice and decision in general as if they needed yet another class to attempt to balance

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    Black maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilujee View Post
    I would like to see more like coral (salmon) color.
    That could work - a color between paladin and DK.

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