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    Horde [H-Mankrik] <Second Breakfast> **Morning & Evening Raids**

    <Second Breakfast> | Mankrik | Horde | Morning & Evening Raids |

    Raid Schedules
    ▫️ Competitive Evening Team: Tue/Thu 9pm-12am EST
    ▫️ Semi-Casual Morning Team: Wed/Thu/Fri 10am-1pm EST
    ▫️ Partial-PUG Weekend Team: Sat/Sun 10am-1pm EST

    (Sunwell) #2 Server Speed (57:04), Server 2nd Prog Split One, Server 5th Prog Split Two (Daybreak only team on server to clear twice week one).
    (T6) #4 Server Speed BT (1:09), #2 Server Speed MH (41:43), Week 1 Split Raid Clears, #1 Server Boss Kill Speed (all bosses).
    (T5 pre-nerf) #1 Server Speed TK (53:57), #2 Server Speed SSC (52:41), #1 Server Boss Kill Speed (All Stars).

    About Us
    We are a day-one Mankrik guild with seasoned leadership and a history of success. Originally a morning guild, we have since expanded to feature three raid teams with varying schedules and environments. We value our community, with players participating in guild-wide activities and celebrating each other's successes daily. Visit our discord for a more detailed history of the guild and our achievements.

    Competitive: Team Daybreak - 6/6 SWP (Tue/Thu 9pm-12am EST)
    Our competitive team has made the switch to nighttime raiding and seeks to recruit the best of the best talent that Mankrik has to offer. Parse chasers, theory crafters, and sweatlords alike with collaborative mindsets are encouraged to apply. Applicants must possess a sense of urgency and motivation to compete within the gaming world. This team seeks to be at the top of the server’s rankings for parses, execution, and speed. Team Daybreak uses a Loot List system.

    Resto Shaman

    ⚔️ Considering strong applicants of any class or role for SWP + Wrath.

    Semi-Casual: Team Sunrise - 6/6 SWP (Wed/Thu/Fri 10am-1pm EST)
    This team seeks to clear content efficiently and effectively without extreme performance or attendance expectations. Team Sunrise uses a Soft Reserve +1 system with regulations.

    Holy Priest
    Resto Druid

    Apply here and DM Slayde#7936 on Discord with any questions: https://forms.gle/gSaERvLBZrhJDrPG8
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    pre-recruiting god tier players for SW

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    week 1 split clears. server 2nd and 5th

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    sub hour run tonight by Daybreak

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