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    I know we should't correct other people's spelling mistakes (because knowledge is evil apparently), but since you've been doing it so consistently I feel like someone needs to point out that it's spelled "buck", not "bug".

    I agree though, Blizzard makes bank on token sales and the likes. In general every of their fees are simply outlandish in contrash to things like the box price.
    oh god. you are totally right! i used „bugs“ in all the last posts all the way. omfg. ofc „bucks“. jesus christ, sorry! not realized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomten View Post
    You have no insight into how the system works. Blizzard could be printing gold out of thin air for all you know.
    that’s quite right. i don’t work at blizz. but i know exactly how these systems works, since i developed at such systems in the past. and tbh, smart cash grab systems like this, monetization wise, work all the same way as far as i can see this.

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    Honestly they could have put less choices and remove the different ilvl options for the crafting piece and it would have been a good system. It would have felt like a big talent row or an essence from BfA.

    I like diablo immortal implementation of legendaries and it made me regret how bfa azerite armor was implemented... it could have been simpler and it would have worked greatly.

    I'd love if belts, bracers and boots could work as a customisable gear in the future

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    I think Blizzard have led players so far down the rabbit hole, that even the worst systems seem fine. Even Blizzard themselves are too far-gone to see the mess they've made of the game by introducing so many systems and grinds with veteran players in mind while ignoring newer players, casual players and of course alts. The requirement is forced upon players and the game gobbles up massive amounts of time without really being impressive on it's own.

    Point is, we all spend thunderfury time to make these legendaries, they ARE pretty damn hardcore to craft yourself and they have no prestige AT ALL. -Everyone has one. Infact, everyone has two so pushing alts through Zerith Mortis is something I can barely bring myself to do. Blizzard can't pull away from this archaic system as they have zero creativity and while the money comes in Blizzard must surely expect that everyone enjoys the convoluted systems which bring no real joy to the game, nor does anything to bring gamers together. -Just more disparity and poorly thought-out "systems" for all (are forced) to "enjoy".

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