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Since when? Where is it law where those specs to be the only ones that are viable? And why do what you call "bad specs" have to be bad? This is utterly ridiculous and nobody always need to be the "bad" specs. You are basically setting your own arbitrary rules.

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Only because of gear. How about at the start of the tier? Nobody should have to wait until they massively out gear it before they are even taken in a raid.
Something will always be first, and something will always be last. We agree on this, right?

The point is that since something will always be last, it is very unfair if those "bad specs" are the ones where people have no other choice like ret/ww/havoc. Windwalker being at the bottom in 8.3 for a year is one of the biggest balance embarrassments in the history of the game, imo. The only dps choice for a whole class was junk! Meanwhile frost mages weren't great either, but at least a mage player could just play fire and be the most OP spec in the game. Monks didn't have that choice without completely rerolling.

That is what I meant. There is always going to be a bottom, and that bottom probably has to be filled with pure dps specs since they have other options.