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    Heroes of the Storm Hotfixes - April 27, 2022

    Heroes of the Storm Hotfixes - April 27, 2022
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)

    We’ve released a hotfix today to address bugs below.


    • The Shaman of the Earthen Ring and Lord of the Clans portraits for Thrall are available after purchase.
    • The Dark Lady Sylvanas portrait is granted and can be equipped after purchasing with Shards.
    • Leoric’s Phantom mount is now available in Collections
    • The Classic Xul portrait is now available in Collections.

    Alterac Pass
    • The prisoner can no longer be moved out of the cage by using Hogger’s Loot Hoard.

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    To be honest you have to commend how the interns are still releasing a hotfix for this game, it's like an old widow regularly going to her husband's grave to change the flowers. It truly warms the heart.

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