Poll: what allied race combo preorder would be better

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    Undead elves have been in the game since vanilla. Literally a faction leader.
    While true, I'd rather they added undead elves as a customization option for forsaken than as an allied race. To me that would make more sense assuming we're talking about that dark ranger look.
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    Here's one way I like to think of it: Ogres have been a part of the Horde as long as Goblins, and they're not nearly as mercenary. They're all about 'might makes right'. Them being a part of the Horde continued into WC3, and then further into WoW... and yet we still don't have playable Ogres, so many years later. We got Goblins before Ogres. It's so weird.

    And if they don't want to do Ogres, there's always Vrykul! Vrykul have looked awesome since Wrath, and they would fit pretty well in with the Horde after the humble pie we've been feeding them. I'm sure they would begrudgingly offer the 'short races' some respect after we kicked their asses so thoroughly.
    at this point, the only thing i can think about is that they are saving ogres for a future exp in ogre continent, maybe fighting against yrael and the army of light something like void x light exp. and the remaining tribes would have to join us and all. vrykull would be perfeclty added in dragonflight as they are dragon riders since WOTLK.

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