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    We definitely aren't done with them, but I'm not sure they will bring them back this xpac. Unless they can do .2 patch that has a side set of quests/raid that is mostly setup for them to come back later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    She may have been one at some point, it's suggested that that's her origin - but whatever she is now isn't an Old God. Old Gods, insofar as we've known them, are monstrous agglomerations of maws, eyeballs, claws, and tendrils brimming with the power of the Void. Xal'atath appears to be more of a spirit, first possessing the blade that bore her name previously, then taking possession of the corpse of an elven woman. Whatever she is now doesn't appear to be an Old God, in other words; but rather a ghost or spirit of some Void-aligned entity.
    I don't know if her current form would impact whether or not she's an Old God. If we follow this rule, any outsider (i.e.: extraplanar being) that is forced into a new form wouldn't still be of that type. It would be like saying Netrezaar, the Eredar bound to the Maw of the Damned, isn't a demon anymore just because he's trapped within the weapon. Or, if we shift this to a problem regarding power, it would be like saying C'thun was no longer an Old God after he was defeated, because he was soo weak that the Titans, the Keepers, and the Watchers believed he was dead, and would only become an Old God again after taking thousands upon thousands of years to regain some portion of his strength.
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