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    Quote Originally Posted by cantrip View Post
    - talent trees should offer meaningful choices rather than asking the players to get their setting from icyveins or wowhead
    That one is less of a Blizz issue and more of a player issue. Even in the old talent system people had to go with a specific build if they wanted play a certain way or have the most optimal build.

    Though the fact that you can save multiple different talent loadouts, does mean you can make meme builds if you wanted to.

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    1. Horizontal Content : Class Hall for Archeology/Cooking/Fishing with Artifact Weapons like Brann Pickaxe/Nat Fishpole/Nomi Frypan with traits like "get more 1/2/3 fragments per digsite" "3/6/9% of fishing an extra fish" "11/22/33% chance of getting back ingredients after cooking" + dailies/weeklies for mini quest line and then various xmog/titles/mounts/non power stuff like "after cooking 10k meals you get a rooster mount or a lobster mount" something like that.

    2. More BGs

    3. No Power System/Leggos : Blizzard still miss the point that character power = 90% class/talents and 10% tier set

    4. Remove Valor Weekly CAP : Nobody enjoy waiting weeks to bring a weapon to 272 rn is retard and dogshit.

    5. Alt Friendly

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    Quote Originally Posted by cantrip View Post
    - instanced solo queue content like Torghast should be added with real gear rewards and progression.
    - Way more meaningfull crafting with horizontal progression rather than simply adding a crafting auction house and grindy pattern leveling
    - instead of a dragon tamagochi you have to feed an ongoing story campaign in the style of suramar
    - pvp honor vendors should stay. I have the impression they replace them also with crafting. pvp players have to farm the open world for mats?
    - solo queue should be available for both arena and rated battlegrounds
    - the vault should drop items from all kind of gameplay and not simply rated play only in premade groups
    - talent trees should offer meaningful choices rather than asking the players to get their setting from icyveins or wowhead
    - world quests and matchmade dungeons should drop valor points and vendors for valor point items should be added
    There is no way this isn't happening, there will always be an optimal choice.

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    Noone mentioned boob sliders yet. For tauren that is. Male ones.

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    Return of actual survival hunter. Not the shitty, poorly made, unfun melee abortion.
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    Leave behind the "find out what's going on in the next episode" style of telling the story

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    -Stop the cliffhanger endings. In fact, better writing all around as well.
    -Dracthyr improved (mostly allowing different classes, armor in dragon form, use mount in dragon form)
    -Alt friendliness (which we seem to be getting on some level)
    -Non-raid focused content for solo/small groups would be good (that isn't minipet and mount grinding)
    -Some allied races would be nice (especially if they keep dracthyr as one class). Give me tuskarr already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Alliance suffering won't make people feel like playing from end till start of an expansion though xD
    It will make the majority of players (Horde), feel like they are not the perpetual prügelknab.
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    If they don't fix class design and make it good, there's no reason for me to even try the expansion. It hasn't been good since WoD where a few specs were fun. There are so many more issues which need to be addressed but this is the biggest one by far.

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    as someone who was the only rogue in my raid team in the whole bfa and nobody else could loot agi daggers i would really really want blizzard to make weapons to be like the artifacts and fill both slots with one item

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    all timewalking dungeons/raids available all the time, and in M+ variants.

    alternative to annoying time limited (timed) M+ mode for dungeons.

    new race visually reworked.

    classes returned to their utility rich MOP design era.

    pvp not reliant on gear grind.

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    The story most of all, after that cool PvP rewards and ideally making old elite sets available like vicious saddles.
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    More attention to class specs to not feel pressured to play that one spec out of 3 that does not suck balls for content type X.

    I would not be thrilled having to spend half expansion with my favorite spec being in doghouse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    For me the main content in WoW were the people to hang with. You would just see the usual people online and while you chill you start to do something togheter.
    This could had been attacking another town/city or just do some oldskool raid togheter. Sometimes even RP for fun.

    I do hope they start to give the RP/Casual scene some more love.

    I do see a big decline in the usual casual hangers which i do hope they can return.
    I loved just hanging in Goldshire and just laugh all day even though that ment you didn't really do much all day.
    I feel like FFXIV has totally eaten WoW's lunch here. Everyone I know who casually plays MMOs and who just likes to hang around and sometimes do stuff has long since quit WoW, because WoW makes such strict demands of your time. Dailies/WQs/etc. demand like half your evening or else, but then when they're done, you're often left with very little to do, as you've been saying. With FFXIV you have a game where it's more pleasant to just hang around, and there's way more that you can do, but don't have to do.

    I think this has been something WoW has been grappling with since TBC, honestly, in different ways. By creating all the Dailies, WQs, etc. and making it so there's little/no catch-up mechanism, or even with SL, where the was a catch-up mechanism, making that mechanism semi-obfuscated and in some ways semi-random (ugh), you effectively schedule the time of anyone who plays semi-casually, like who wants to do the right things to advance, but doesn't necessarily want to be on at Y o'clock for X time every day. They've mitigated it since Legion but never solved the real problem.

    Ironically the solution in many ways may be to just let people grind a lot of stuff if they want to. People would feel far less pressure about this stuff if you could just grind to catch up or the like. Again SL sort of let you do that, but it was implemented in an annoying way. Just giving you more to do in the world which isn't timegated but rather gated by how much you want to invest in it would be good too. Yes, some lunatics will grind to death, burn out, quit, and so on, but that sort of person has an aneurysm from timegating anyway, and often quits early in an expansion anyway.

    I know that thinking back to earlier expansions of WoW, I pretty much always did have something I could do to advance, but in general I could put it off and just do more later, and that produced a far more chill environment that particularly Cataclysm and onwards where I felt like every minute of my time online was either doing Daily/Weekly activities which could advance my character, or was just downtime in which I could do nothing. By having more options, I was more part of the community, because it was much easier to find time to help/interact with people who might not be RL friends (yet), but who I met, either via guild or game world or group, and I felt less stressed if something did take a long time, or had to wait on someone or whatever, because I didn't have X things I had to do tonight.
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    If it was just Flight and there was no Dragons, probably.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    - Easier access to REAL flying
    - M+ dungeons locks you to a fixed iLevel (like Time walk) and rewards and strictly cosmetic.
    - Alliance needs to suffer A LOT of losses, to make up for unjust losses in the Horde.
    isnt alliance loosing 90% of their player base enough of a loss?

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    Dracthyr. There should be a clearly male body and face that won't remind me of furry nightmares that haunt minds of sane people.

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    Give the female dracthyr model some titties. Seriously I fucking hate that there is no distinguishable features telling male and females apart other then their humanoid forms.
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    the main thing i need right now is for them to open up the Dracthyr race to other classes so that it actually operates like, you know, a race? I don't like them trying to advertise the xpack as giving us a new race and class when right now its just a class with a druid combat form. Even if they only opened it up to warriors at the start I would accept it.

    I'm also hoping reputations will be account wide. especially since they are revamping professions and I do NOT want to have to go re-grind rep on all my alts to unlock all the goodies when my main has over a hundred reps already capped out.

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    Go the entire xpac from start to finish without cutting a single sentence of story content during that time. Including whatever the prepatch event is. make it skippable if you like, but cut literally nothing.

    We'll start there.
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