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    If you are going to lock my threads you best ban me

    There is no middle ground here. If you want to silence or stop me. Permanent ban is the only solution human therefore.

    After observing countless of social media posts,videos and having huge experience myself I have concluded the following:
    I will attempt to explain and break it down to several points. I thank thee in advance for reading.
    Off we go.
    1. Extreme competition and difficulty has divided and broke ER playerbase within two groups.

    There isn't middle ground and there never will be. Either you will be classified, attacked and called Noob, casul {Casual} Loser who chuggs potions and uses everything in PvP or mayhaps thou'rt an Gigachad SL1 naked fella with ability to either vanquish every boss without taking a single hit or ascending beyond comprehension level and complete no hit run or some truly impressive speed run. Anything less that than - Git Gud , most common and extremely shallow response. Do not follow the steps of twitch streamers nor take them as an example, they are truly tiny minority in vast ocean. Your typical Average Joe is the most common example of players you will encounter in the Lands Between. Twitch streamers are often prone to extreme and people get addicted to their game-play often not even being aware. Its simple truly. If you watch top streamer a lot you will often start to see others as lesser and unless they can do the same or better they will immediately fall into Git Gud category.
    Moving on to 2nd..
    2. Brain Dead. -- Thanks to FromSoftware and add thrice greater fault to community vast majority have completely embraced brain dead mode of endless simple rune farms following the steps of each other slaying 1 Bird {Giant Crow} at Mohgywn palace {or something easier may come up in future} neglecting way of actual fight through blood ,sweat and effort will and trust me WILL spend 10 hours a day if needed pulling and resting at grace accumulating countless of millions of runes and then they shall come on forums to brag about their "hard work"
    These individuals have tendency to call others trash and bad players.. Well I'd rather be bad and actually fight than farming 1 bird or using Sacred sword special ultra easy attack that will lower my IQ by 25% extremely rapidly on daily basis clicking and sitting at grace moving 20 feet from point to another.
    This is a proof that a lot of players love easy mode and wish to earn runes in cheapest way possible intentionally using Developer's fault or not fixing glitches and its always super ironic because THEY call others easy moders when they resort to cheese tactics. Funny and stupid in same time.
    Lame. Plain and Simple.

    3. We are coming to 3rd. -- Regarding Trade.
    Trading should not exist Period. Near infinite amount of CONSTANT begging pleading.
    "Can someone please drop me" ," help me with runes," "I need that Item A or B". Breaks logic and tis one complete sorry to say pathetic attitude to beg, but truly ,come to every single forum, FB, Reddit, Discord or here as well to witness untold amount of players unwilling to embrace patience and actually play the game and obtain particular item by themselves. Everywhere you go, there is infinite amount of begging I will repeat it and state again.
    Its getting ugly and disgusting. Trade should not be allowed. Truth cannot be denied and people will naturally defend themselves "That item did not dropped" "Bug" "I destroyed it by accident" "Its too hard" often hard yes with zero or few attemps. Don't be fooled. We human beings are fragile and will accept simpler methods. Tis always more acceptable to accept free gift isn't it. You are tool , an asset to be tossed after. Do not give anything to anyone.
    Help with a boss is acceptable, yet questionable in my book is someone is constantly begging for items they shan't be willing to improvise, learn and fight. ALSO when i come down soon to Limited approach game offers PLENTY of tools for thee most formidable of them Spirit Summons and Freedom to explore. There are plenty of ways indeed.
    Coming back to subject..
    if you spend several hours and had immense difficulty of beating certain boss or clearing the area ,investing your time, why on Earth someone is should be an example and constantly kneeling down and begging in such extent. The end.
    4. This one required nothing more but detailed outlook at very core of the game and player's extremely limited approach.

    I will divide 4th section in two smaller parts.
    - Mockery of game with impossible amount of daily childish of common or sexual based memes adding either characters and other fantasy creations mixing with ER and souls franchise that are completely irrelevant further adding more nonsense and immaturity, scrolling down is simply boring and a headache, if community gets turn on by simple memes then you know what level of intellect is here ,sadly.
    -LIMITED approach. I've noticed huge amount of players are often ignoring
    -Using few weapons on their disposlal in PvE
    -Not caring for story and carelessness to explore
    -Adding sexual content which proves yet another classic example that every single game out there has to have some horny maidenless humans often plaguing game with lustiness they cannot control which is of course crystal clear when anonimity grants powers and freedom they will never have in real life scenario.
    Often mindlessly rushing in and wanting to complete everything in shortest time possible. Lack of immersion and forceful basically torture. Yes,Indeed forcing the way and following the steps of speedrunners.
    Whole bunch of players are clueless when it comes to wider broader aspects of the game.
    Basic simplistic approach or very similar path and routine -- Rush, kill boss, acquire that and this talisman, weapon, upgrade, kill boss, upgrade participate in duels or invasions PVP , repeat the process or change slight order.
    5. The DISTURBING fetishes of players getting turned on by virtual characters and zooming in to feet and body parts creating whole threads about it.

    Bizarre fetish of getting turned on by Ranni the Witch Blue abomination with 4 deformed legs and arms with typical hentai facial aesthetics, missing eyes .overrated, overhyped Malenia rooting from worst disease imaginable in Lands Between, blind, with metallic legs and Prosthesis, Cannot see half of her face.
    Malenia is distracting thee. There should be more attention to other bosses and fan art is strictly focused on her. Instead of being more creative ,but no let us all give attention to boss because she is a she? Irony.
    6. Dark Side. -- ER and souls series will bring worst of people and INABILITY to control their rage issues is an example of weak human psyche. If one can scream, smash keyboard, mouse and fume more than The Fume Knight or get upset to that level of being prone to abuse and worse, you should truly visit a doctor. Ability to stay calm , firm and patient is what I value and is a testament of strong willed individual. Cursing ,shit talking just makes you more weak and nobody can change my mind about it. Some even able to cause or/are prone moderate, high or severe abuse, drama, shit talk, trolling, sexual harassment, strong rage issues, insecurities , extreme competition , elitism, judging , worrying how others or what others are thinking about then, Waste of time surely? Are they trash. Purest example. I just repeat myself and I aware because number 6 is very important and has to lighted up. There are ugly groups in FB nobody will speak about operated by twisted fiends.
    7. LACK OF COMPREHENSION and twisting the truth.
    I'll give you best example here. I believe there a deliberate attempt to trash people even if they express their honest opinions. I noticed quite a lot of players are so boring to read longer posts or if they do not like you they will twist things over and try to find imaginary non existent flaw or convince others its not true, well what it is?
    In my massive thread before I spoke why Consecrated Snowfield {BS} is he worst region ever. There is clear difference of having extremely badly designed waste of space zone, It has nothing to do who is noob or pro or lacks knowledge to complete the zone, quite contrary.
    BUT these people will declare you automatically bad player just because you are giving a review to bad zone. Completely illogical and just proves their way of thinking is feeble.
    In depth thinking and variety is what ER community truly lacks.
    8. Extra:

    Little care of lore, repetitive BS of twitch streams and speedruns and competitive aura that turns in nothing more than pure addition, Magic evaporates and the lust ,desire and hunger to beat someone in PVP or rank on top of leaderboard sticks firmly. Constant plague and toxicity more powerful than roots of Erdtree rising higher and higher each, day, Players gltiching, hacking, exploiting non stop and posting on YT to brag about 2 minutes world record. Saddening. Responses to threads with one sentence or emojis or personal attack yet again proves intellectual capabilities of many.
    Extra Part II:
    Letmesoloher myth is absurd and if community finds "Legendary" and Amusing" a simple average looking naked man with Massive jar covering his entire head coming at Malenia with broken Katana which is the most effective melee to kill is nothing intriguing, impressive, spectacular , fashionable nor remotely interesting, but because humans find idiotic things striking so be it. This does not come as surprise. Letmesoloher who somehow captured minds of limited childish shallow individuals who is using the most overpowered weapon to slay her ultimately not to brag. R.O.B is brainless weapon that even most casual and newbiest of newbs can and often will use.
    9. Grand delusions of Best game ever made or GOTY.

    To conclude with something elese for very end I wish to open your eyes widely. ER is the most overrated game in galaxy and beyond. {does not mean it hasn't its beauties and strengths BUT ---
    You're looking at remastered version of Dark souls 4.0 in open world with immense amount of copy/pasted materials ideas, weapons ,skills, sounds recycled content that is crashing game, completely broken zones, bosses and combat pretty much after you pass Royal Capital until the end is very poor ,rushed and chaotic. PvP is abysmal and suffers from extreme balance issues. Game has performance issues, corrupted save data, is plagued by hackers and world feels voided and boring very quickly. I m shocked, stunned ,amazed ,baffled and frozen in literal sense how
    Speaking of Number nine to add in more depth and ex
    planations proceed to watch viideo from user Democracy from YT which is called , Elden Ring an unbalanced disappointment.

    Hope is the first step to disappointment and that reflects the untold amount of individials within ER community, there isn't hope here ,but pur madness majority of time.

    Sincere Regards
    Duje Belak
    Beautiful British Columbia

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    Let's summerize your post.


    I think I am smarter than I am, but I am infact a moron.

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    You already posted it in the actual Elden Ring thread, why is a brand new thread needed (again)?

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    OP should google the Dunning Kruger effect...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utrrabbit View Post
    Let's summerize your post.


    I think I am smarter than I am, but I am infact a moron.
    Looks more like a manic episode from bipolar disorder tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunxsera View Post
    Looks more like a manic episode from bipolar disorder tbh.
    Why not both?

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    Ranni Foot, Ohhhhhhh Yeahhhhhh

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    I'm sure double posting this with basically titling it "ban me mods" will show them... especially when Elden Ring had its own en threas

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    Quote Originally Posted by DujeBelak View Post
    There is no middle ground here. If you want to silence or stop me.
    I'm pretty sure nobody cares.

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    If you cannot briefly explain your point in under 10 breathes of air, you've lost public forum interest. Total strangers aren't going to sit trying to decipher you when you show no remedial intent.

    From what I could pick out, you are a human and you are noticing humans have a tendency to not be perfect, especially when they are apart of anonymous communities.
    You're supposed to start by judging real life first and then move on to video games. If you go backwards you're starting as an alien and missing how ideas originate... from real life. Seems like you want to play this uber video game where the laws of the land are backwards yet morality amongst its playerbase is at levels of biblical fanaticism.

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    Only thing I can kinda understand is the toxic "Git gud" mentality. Thats about it.

    #TeamLegion #UnderEarthofAzerothexpansion plz #Arathor4Alliance #TeamNoBlueHorde


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