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    There's half a dozen mobile emulators. I assume that's how most people play Fortnite and PUBG Mobile.
    I thought that MacOS and Win 11 did native iOS/Android virtualization.

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    maybe they don't want to risk games workshop suing their asses for copying their product. since warcraft/starcraft started out as a videogame pitch for warhammer.

    similarities might be borderline as long as they are just in a videogame but turning them into miniatures might break the camels back
    No. Die-cast came out at least 20 years prior to Warhammer's first figurine's being released. Plus Beowulf and Tolkien both have tons of prior art out there who Warhammer also borrowed from. Also star wars says hello. That was 10+ years before.

    The reason they won't announce diecast is because they aren't going to invest a ton of $$$$ into this unless it takes off. It's a very "safe" investment.
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