About Us:
<Lyons> (Lions of Judah Christian Gaming Community) is a place for those who respect and represent family, honor, and faith. We are focused on helping build a tight-knit community of members. Our main goals are to enable achievers, explorers, and PvE content completion (including instances and raids). Lyons is a Christian guild, though you do not have to be of that faith (or any) to join. We only ask that we keep topics and chat family-friendly. Giving back to our local and game communities is very important to us. You will see scheduled events to raise money for charities, draw attention to needy peoples/issues, and by our very inter-personal actions within gaming worlds.

We are currently recruiting for our morning raids on Thur/Friday 10am-2pm.
Would be nice to find people looking for this niche time slot to help us grow. Strong tanks/heals especially.
Contact Us:
For questions, more information or recruitment, please contact:
Jbayz#3836 (discord)
-Narthaniel/Cynthian (GM)
-Flameborn (Co-Leader)