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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    Hahahahahaha. No, just absolute garbage. You are 100% wrong and need to educate yourself. So many healthy living trees burn in forest fires, there exist multiple studies specifically on the release of carbon WHEN THEY BURN IN FOREST FIRES.

    Seriously, how can someone be so wrong about something? Holy shit dude.
    Depends on the type of tree and so many other environmental factors, honestly. Conifers are much more susceptible to wildfires than deciduous trees. Some even have flammable sap. Some other trees, especially in tropical climates, have flame retardant sap. You really can't make a definitive statement either way.

    Regardless, its a magical universe we're dealing with so debating RL chemistry and dendrology seems rather pointless.

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    It was bad because classes were gutted after Legion. You went from Artifacts, Legendaries to all that being replaced by Azerite which was a completely shit system to begin with. They also kept AP grind which was by far one of the worst features in Legion. Islands and Warfronts was basically dead content. The only thing remotely good was the leveling zones. Overall I'd say it was the worst expansion even below WoD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echeyakee View Post
    And they basically gave up on class design early in beta, promising a lot but delivery on almost none. At some point I'm pretty sure they actually said "we ran out of time for shamen" or something along the line, essentially trying to excuse themselves for doing nothing to fix several classes that were struggling at the time.

    And overall "feel" of the game took a hit. It felt like the company was throwing a tantrum, refusing to listen to any feedback or critique. The whole game felt like legion reskin, but everything is slightly worse.
    I remember the shaman thing as well but it wasn't only them. When we as a community(back when there was one before it slowly dissolved because blizzard kept ignoring them for years) gave feedback about the shadowpriest they basically told us: "thats what you get. good luck next expansion"
    Warrior is also one that is stuck in my mind when blizzard almost complained that they aren't happy with the two changes they got to improve the gameplay.

    It really was a time when classes where ignored and they didn't seem to understand that players don't want a 10% damage buff to be in the top5 but they want the class they play the game with to be fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caprias View Post
    I tried exactly this as I play for the moment to moment gameplay and don't really care about collecting stuff, you make it sound so easy when in reality you had to do a metric fuckton of checklists to properly m+ and raid.
    Oh, I am not a fan of the design really. I see positives and negatives for sure. But I know once I did my weekly stuff on Tuesday (and it was a long checklist of mindless ques and grinds) I raided 3 times a week and that was that. Sure, bought a coin once in a while too. Mostly because the game outside of raid wasn't fun for me. I merely did the required grinds and stuff to keep up and that was it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordVargK View Post
    But we're talking about a single tree here, the size of a mountain being attacked by catapults.
    Try shooting a redwood tree with incidiary rounds and see if it ignites. That's about the comparison we make here.

    But I guess you've never seen a fire in real life, so how would you know?
    Well, why don't you try shooting magically-enhanced payloads onto a magical tree that is miles upon miles high and see if it really ignites or not.

    But I guess you've never seen a magical fire in real life, so how would you know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infernoxas View Post
    Too add, respecing azarite traits doubled each time to an infinite number. I heard some people paying upwards to 10k for a respec...
    It was also halved once every three days. Just to point this out, to reach 10k, you would have to respect 12 times in three days.
    Quote Originally Posted by Varodoc View Post
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    You got weaker as you leveled up until you hit max. Like it was fine to start but once you hit 114 it was awful. It was really weird.

    They didn't have many leveling zones.

    The game felt unfinished - there were what, 3 or 4 Island Expeditions when the system launched? It was very whelming.

    So many problems with lore.

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    Compared to shadowlands, BFA is a glorious achievement.

    But that isn't saying much since anything compared to shadowlands is a glorious achievement.

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    BfA wasn't great at all but you know what? The story at least made sense and Island Expeditions were mindless fun. Shadowlands has absolutely no redeeming qualities so it just made BfA look even better.

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    I loved all the regular zones but what killed it for me was system upon nonsensical system. Made my head spin.

    With Shadowlands, the zones are the worst of any MMO ever plus the nonsensical systems are still there :/

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    BfA was the first expansion I actively disliked in WoW. I really liked Legion, but I disliked world quests and mythic plus. It feels like BFA doubled down on these 2 things and basically made the entire game around it. I found dungeons in BFA overtuned and not interesting at all. All of the extra features like warfronts, expeditions, etc etc were just not fun. I also never understood how WoD was more of a pvp expansion that BFA. All of BFA's alliance vs horde was PVE.

    Azerite and the heart of azeroth were boring. I found most of the zones uninteresting compared to Legion/WOD (I cannot even remember most of their names). 8.2 was somewhat redeeming as I enjoyed the new zones, but I hated 8.3. I honestly felt like 8.3 was one of the most half assed attempts ever by WoW. I had seen dying games that rehash content just to survive, but WoW? I still to this day don't understand why I preordered Shadowlands off of the the back of 8.3.

    BFA's only saving grace for me is I played it more than Shadowlands, which I quit solid after 3 or so weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valdhammer View Post
    With Shadowlands, the zones are the worst of any MMO ever
    I sure love those over-the-top and most definitely innacurate claims...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zardas View Post
    I sure love those over-the-top and most definitely innacurate claims...
    The Maw and Maldraxxus were the best zones since Cata.

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    For me:
    - i dont like the zones
    - warfronts and islamd expiditions were boring as fck
    - azerit grind annoying
    - for pvp bis you have to grind specific m+/raid weapons/trinkets
    - some pvp bis essence come from raids, some bis pve essences come from pvp, so you have to do content you dont Like
    - nzoth fight super bad/boring with super bad/boring ending cinematic
    - corruptuon was super bad/broken, if you were unlucky well you dont do any dps. And in pvp you oneshot people with proccs... Cool
    - cloack quest was a mess, just running from town portal to town portal all over again. Go to mop, come back to kalimdor, go back to mop and now come back to mop, go back to kalimdor and now again back to mop.
    - most alt unfriendly addon. At least in legion i can hit max level and play some rated pvp after i did minor AP grind.
    - i dont like ships/pirates
    - worst new battleground theyve ever made
    - weekly chests were bad
    - the hub citys were bad
    - resettimg the azerit skills were bad if you used items for multiple specs or play pve and pvp.

    Only good thing were nazjatar and the cinematics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    There’s probably some niche, 1% of players thing that people on the razors edge of progression (or people who wanted to pretend they were) found annoying, like with random legendary drops in legion, and they glom onto that as the reason it’s the worst expansion ever and because they’re the kind of people that frequent forums they’re who you hear from.
    It wasn't just the "razor's edge" of progression-minded players that had problems with a lot of the progression systems. Things like Island Expeditions were more-or-less necessary to keep your Heart of Azeroth leveling up steadily, and they were very, very boring, and were prone to griefers (i.e.: people could dual queue into Island Expeditions and then vote kick the third member, who would get deserter). Re-grinding of Azerite traits was also painful, as having BiS traits on your armor just to have to get the same traits from M+ next season felt awful, and until 8.1.5 (I believe) traits had a Heart of Azeroth level requirement, so even when you got an upgrade you couldn't use it. You then have the problem of Heart of Azeroth Essences, which were cool for some classes, and felt awkward for others.

    Really, BfA, like Shadowlands, was rife with problems at ever level of play (even if they were just "feel bad" problems).
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    Quote Originally Posted by LordVargK View Post
    • The lore did not make any sense. Trees don't burn, Sylvanas was annoying, Saurfang did only cry and in general another faction war felt forced especially with the Horde as an aggressor right with Garrosh still fresh on their minds. Oh, and Nzoth was just suddenly there.
    • Island expeditions were boring as fuck but the best way to level and grind AP.
    • Azerite armor was in alpha state at release. A concept that punishes you for getting a better piece of gear should have never gone live. And it did not get that much better as the expansion went on. You were heavily punished for playing more than one spec of your class.
    • There were only 3 zones per faction, so leveling became stale very fast. Also loading screens were abundant. Just going to one of the central Locations of the expansion, the chamber of heart, required 2 screens in one minute. Getting to the opposing faction zones was also annoying.
    • Coming from Legion most dungeons felt much worse.
    • Classes got pruned in Legion and Artifacts and Legendaries were missing in BfA. So many classes felt lackluster. Also you were much weaker in 8.0 than in 7.3. Not a good feeling.
    • Warfronts were way too easy. It was a scripted event, where your faction would always win, even if your team went fully afk (and many players did. Blizzard's solution? Kick afkers...). In addition the Horde got basically one week of free loot from them to equip alts, while this feature was patched out once the Alliance got to play WFs.
    • You could level cooking with vendor mats. That bug was not fixed for days (and was on ptr), so people assumed it was intended. Well, Blizzard removed the mats from the vendor, leaving all people who weren't fast enough in the dirt.
    • You got +15 loot in the first week from doing a Legion dungeon the week before.
    • Bottom line: BfA was released in absolute beta state and some systems never made it out of beta.

    SL is not even remotely as bad as BfA.
    Agree 100%

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luxeley View Post
    Agree 100%
    Either do I

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polybius View Post
    The Maw and Maldraxxus were the best zones since Cata.
    Each its own taste, personnaly I prefer Revendreth in the SL zones, and I have a soft spot for Stormheim and Frostrife Ridge. But yeah, whatever his taste, saying that SL zones are "the worst are any mmorpg ever" is pretty much always factually wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zardas View Post
    I sure love those over-the-top and most definitely innacurate claims...
    It’s all subjective, of course. I prefer zones that make sense and are easily traversable. The classic style zones if you will.

    I find the zones in Shadowlands too otherworldly and confusing, which I suppose it’s meant to go with the theme of the expansion, but it’s a huge obstacle to enjoying the game when you constantly feel like a dementia patient bumbling around the world.

    On top of the frustrating geography, the mob density feels too high. It’s impossible to travel 50 yards without agroing half a dozen mobs.

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    What killed it for me were the endgame systems. Remeber azertite gear? Wasn't tradeable at the start and you couldn't reset traits. With the balancing changes they made at the start of the first raid tier a lot of people were screwed because suddenly their gear was shit because blizzard nerfed the traits and you couldn't change them. Oh, and azerite traits were random on all gear pieces except raid gear so you couldn't just go and farm m+ to get the same piece again. No, you needed to run m+ to get the right item with the right azerite traits. Also in 8.0 up to 8.1 you had to grind hard to get to the higher ap levels to unlock the traits from your new gear. Went into heroic raid or m+ and got an item? Go grind some islands to unlock them or put it in the bank for a week or two until you unlocked the traits and made the item actually better than your current gear.

    8.1 made things a little better but if you didn't grind in 8.0 you had to grind in 8.1 to catch up and benefit from the changes they made. 8.2 screwed some people with the essences because the pvp one was best for lots of specs and the one from the raid was best for lots of specs in pvp so raider and pvp player were unhappy because they had to do content they didn't enjoy to stay competetive. Also the pearl gear with a socket and fixed azerite traits was better than even the highest itemlevel mythic raid gear. So if you were a mythic raider you had to farm pearls on multiple alts to gamble the catch up gear on your main to get the items and with the meta mentality as a whole in the community you had to do that even if you're not a mythic raider to get into pugs.

    By 8.3 I stopped playing but from what I heard it wasn't that much better. Cloak progression was timegated and you had to farm to even attempt a horrific vision and to not fall behind you had to finish the horrific vision as best as you can. Also corruptions were broken and random and there wasn't a vendor at first and like with 8.0 blizzard changed the corruptions mid patch so people were screwed because suddenly they had the wrong ones. 8.3.5 added a vendor but prices were very high and you had to wait for the right corruptions to show up on the vendor.

    So all in all, blizzard screwed you over at the start of every patch but the systems were made in a way that you had to grind from day 1 to not fall behind which isn't fun. You invest all your time, get stronger and then they balance things and your back to square one. They didn't respect your time and work and they added features to fix and balance older features instead of fixing the actual problem and creatd new problems with the new feature.

    Like Ion said that they were happy that people got the option to reset traits and try out different things but were unhappy that the reset costs got higher and higher every time you reset your traits and that you had to go back into town to reset them because it created some degenerate gameplay with people porting back to town to reset their traits. Instead of capping the gold costs or removing the gold costs or anything else they did nothing and said, yeah you can change essences for free so that's better.

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    the lore in wow never made any fucking sense.

    lmao. i beg you lads actually read quest text.

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