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    Lightbulb Dragonflight Talents for Mages

    Whatever you believe about this upcoming change, what i think is technically sure is the increased variety of gameplay we're gonna experience

    Think about changing between your load outs mid-instance anytime you want to really get into AoE for the trash, or in the open world when you want that extra CC.
    Looks promising to my eyes

    What are your hopes and ideas for our Talent trees ?

    Do you like the idea of a tree reserved for class and one for spec, from a mage prospective?

    I just wanna throw some missiles behind a pillar as a fire mage, i think it's something any mage should be able to do

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    I really hope that as the new baseline these talents will not be far from the current talents. They mentioned that they will be extendable for a couple expansions, which has me worried that we'll need to wait until 11.0 until we can get stuff like Meteor or Glacial Spike again. Essentially a Legion 2.0 overhaul, but this time they won't give us all the toys back right now.

    I hope they make all talents worthwhile or at least break with the current rut in the system that has existed for years now. Make other talents viable, like they already should, instead of just adding the same still born talents into the next system just to pad it. Not everything needs to be 100% equal, but at least make it a sensible choice unlike straight up DPS losses, like some talents (GS *cough*) are now.

    I hope against hope that that we will see alot of new stuff already. If the most exciting thing about the new system is that I need to click a few times more then it's not at all interesting. Stuff like more fireblast charges just needs to be baseline, if the whole spec needs it to actually work. I want to see new stuff beyond the rather tame Meteor or lame passives like TV as the ultimate for the talents.

    I hope mage won't lose stuff like dragon's breath and Ray of Frost to the new scalie wank class, because from what they've shown they seem to take liberally from mages. I hope this won't turn into another warlock situation.
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    Here are my hopes for Mage as a whole, and also for Fire and Frost specifically.

    Mage overall:

    - The toolkit needs to be reverted to MoP era in terms of what a Mage can do regardless of specialization. Presence of Mind, Cone of Cold, Ice Lance, etc. should all be baseline again. DoT Snap Shotting with Alter Time should be re-instituted as well.


    - Mastery reverted to Cataclysm incarnation

    - Deep Freeze ability back

    - Frostjaw ability back

    - Improved Cone of Cold talent back

    - Flame Orb ability back

    - Improved Ice Barrier talent back

    - Improved Counter Spell talent back


    - Molten Fury talent back

    - Blazing Speed ability back

    - Phoenix Flames reverted to Legion era in that it crits 100% of the time

    - Blast Wave should be reverted to TBC/Wrath era in that it can be casted wherever the Mage wants without needing a target, such as how Flamestrike and Blizzard work

    - Ignite should be reverted to either Wrath era with Fireblast spreading it or WoD era in that it passively spreads to everything

    - Living Bomb reverted to unlimited spread
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