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    solo havoc covenant

    which covenant would be best for a solo havoc DH? meaning doing open world stuff, casual dungeons, pvp, whatever. i heard venthyr is highest dps, but that would be for raiding or high m+. isnt there anything better utility-wise?

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    let me ask this differently: what covenant do u guys use and what for (activity)?
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    Always Venthyr, take the leech talent instead of netherwalk and run the demonic build you will walk through any content with no problem. It's no just the best DPS, it allows for high uptime on meta so you're very tanky for solo content, you're already very mobile as a DH anyway and your base toolset provides all the utility you need.

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    I'm pretty casual these days, mostly do open world stuff with a dungeon here or there. I'm Venthyr, it's just really insane dps if you keep the Sinful Brand up all the time.

    As Aerwydd said, taking Soul Rending is nice for soloing stuff.
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    I can verify what has been said. Venthyr + Soul Rending + Demonic makes for great sustain. If you have double legendaries, with the other one being Darkglare Medallion, it makes it even better. I can make the Maw my slave, and most of Choreghast (save for Jailer's Gauntlet) is entirely solo-able.

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    If you're only doing casual content any of them should be absolutely fine. Pick the one you're having most fun with. You can even switch between them without penalty now.
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