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    Does anyone else dream a lot about wow?

    I dream back to the days of MoP usually, and sometimes WotLK. But usually i am using nitro boosts, goblin glider, demonic leap and that kinda stuff to just glide around which is very fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalosh Whalescream View Post
    I dream back to the days of MoP usually, and sometimes WotLK. But usually i am using nitro boosts, goblin glider, demonic leap and that kinda stuff to just glide around which is very fun.
    Eh, not about the game itself, but more about character concepts..
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    Daydream/remember I do, actually dream, not to this date.

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    Not anymore.
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    No, I dont think I've ever dreamt about playing a game but designing and basic concepts of a game I have yes, I usually write down what I can remember when I wake up but I havent found the time to sit down and find the right engine to start designing my games in.

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    I've never had a dream about WoW.

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    When I'm really really grinding m+ I sometimes half dream of playing the dungeon. Like a light muscle memory of the rotation, bright colors, and dodging mechanics as im drifting to sleep immediately after playing.

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    I am pretty much an wow addict for ~20 years now, but I don't think I ever dreamt of wow.

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    I too dream of the days of WotLK.
    That was awesome.

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    I had a dream about Wow, but I don't remember anything from it :/

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    do you mean literal dream during sleeping or metaphorical dream as in remembering about wow in general? because from the post it seems like you are referring to metaphorical dream

    because i had a very scary actual dream about wow, i was in the dark iron capital at blackrock mountain, and i was working under some dark iron dwarves, one of them was named "something the butcher" (i forgot his name but it started with D and had 2 syllabes), and his job was to slaughter pregnant orc and tauren females that were captured and were in the prison of shadowforge city, and at some point in the dream, me and a dark iron dwarf were ordered to follow the butcher in a prison cell, but the butcher went in by himself because he walked faster, and before me and the other dark iron dwarf went in, we heard screams that were so loud and terrifying from the captive orc women that the other dwarf started running away, and right at that moment the butcher started coming out (he was fully covered in blood) and while walking out he was questioning what are we doing and told me to hurry and come in but i was so scared when he started coming out that the moment he came out of the cell i woke up
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    I generally can't remember my dreams so frankly I wouldn't know if it still happens.

    But I do vividly recall one time when I was dreaming about playing my wow character back in TBC. If I recall, I was just running around questing in STV.
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    Whenever I dream about WoW it usually involves me using Mage Invisibility in real life, delay until it takes effect included lol.
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    Sometimes I'm in a desert running around with angelic feathers but usually I don't remember my wow dreams but fragmented memories from awesome forgotten dreams sometimes come to mind. I usually get really hyped when I daydream about wow omg I love this game :'

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