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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehrenpanzer View Post
    I dont think you understand the base appeal of a gear treadmill game. If the treadmill ends, people just stop using it, which means less money for Blizzard.
    So hop on the treadmill?

    If your answer is that the content isn't fun, please, just find a new game. You don't need to tell us all about how wow is dying. Just download a new game and play that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cantrip View Post
    That still does not answer the second part of my question. Is there anyone who really likes the LFR feature with hour long queue times and a toxic random group composition?

    And why are those vendors limited to raids in general? Why not adding the ability to gain something like valor points in world quests and matchmade dungeons and buy items from those vendors?
    So this dude complains about organized raid and then complains about LFR. What exactly do you want? Oh yeah I know, just to get carried and free gear loaded to you.

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