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    Raid skip: skip to the specific boss or past the specific boss?

    Blizzard has implemented raid boss skips for some time now. When they started with raid skips in WoD, you killed a specific boss four times and after that you were able to skip past that boss (in BRF skip to Blackhand directly, HFC skip past Gorefiend, Battle of Dazar'alor Mythis skip to Jaina, Ny'alotha skip to last two bosses) or skip to the specific boss (most skips have been implemented that way, f.e. every SL skip).

    I'm not sure why they moved from the inital "Defeat the boss four times and being able to skip it" to "Defeat the boss four time and get access to it directly instead of skipping". I have proven that I can defeat that boss, so why am I forced to do it even with the completed quest?

    What kind of skip quest (skip to or past the necessary boss) do you prefer?

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    Before/after the boss you have to kill the quest doesn't super matter to me, what matters is how many bosses the skip is actually allowing you to skip, whether you can backtrack, and if you need to kill early bosses to use the skip. For example, if killing the final boss four times allows you to skip to the final boss, that is fine. That makes sense.

    The best kind of skip that takes you straight to the final boss(es) and allows you to backtrack to prior ones if desired. I don't super care a lot about what boss needs killed for the quest (although if its the final boss, I do hope there is an earlier skip quest also). I really don't like skips that request you to kill an early boss to access either. No one wants to farm the first boss forever just to use the skip to the bosses you care about. Nathria was the worst, forcing you to rekill the first boss to use the skip, and the skip still dropping you three bosses from the end.
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