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    Other games have already solved this issue. Have a "contest" mode for 1-2 weeks (maybe 3 if its end of expansion raid) where its the buffed WFR version of the raid. The rewards for completing it are purely cosmetic or maybe one extra drop while the mode is active. Once the contest mode is off, apply a flat 30% nerf to raid. Very simple solution and you don't have to continually nerf the raid for months after like Blizz is doing.
    Along these lines, Blizz already had the solution starting back in WotLK: a progressive aura that either nerfs the raid or buffs the players that stacks over time, with the option of turning it off.

    The way Blizz likes to tune mythic raiding nowadays is the most inefficient and likely the most terrible way possible. Granted I still think the difficulty of mythic has gone too high in general compared to where it used to be (as is the case with most raid content), but putting that aside it's rather obvious that what Blizz is doing pisses off or annoys more players than it has to. Despite having a long career as a hardcore mythic raider (and 25H before that), I still think that the mythic raid difficulty is one of the larger mistakes that Blizz has made... and I'll admit that I was cheering for it initially. Although people felt the same way about warforging/titanforging: in its initial introduction it was actually decent, but Blizz turned it into a monster over time to where the game feels better with the system removed. If they don't scale the raids back to normal/heroic only with a dash of 'hard modes' for bosses with non-power rewards, an optional, progressive raid-wide aura over time is probably the next best idea.
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    Not saying I agree with any single person's argument in this thread, but I've often thought they need a difficultly between Heroic and Mythic. (Back when I was raiding) My guild would get through Heroic in a timely fashion, but we constantly had trouble fielding enough people to get into Mythic consistently. We were always hovering around about 21 people on the roster, and so just a couple of absences (which are quite common) was enough to prevent us from doing Mythic that night. Heroic was a little too "easy" to keep us occupied for the entire tier, but Mythic's roster requirement was always a bit out of our reach.
    I don't know. Could be as simple as finally making Mythic flex like the other difficulties, but then only count 20-person Mythic for the world first race and hall of fame and all that. Or perhaps making Heroic harder - it can be the end goal for those guilds like mine that are technically capable of running Mythic, but don't have enough people.

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    Why even nerf so much? It's not like mythic raiding is meant for everyone. There are THREE other difficulties to play. If you cant clear mythic, then oh well - too bad? No matter what system they would implement, people would complain the SECOND they realize there is a feature meant for only the best and most dedicated people out there. Not everything is for everyone. If you need nerfs over nerfs, months into the content, it's probably also a "you" problem. I get that the RWF difficulty was quiet insane, but didn't blizz nerf and retune encounters already during and after that? It's good that there is at least ONE feature, designed for the very best out there, because MOST of the content is designed for a very casual/casual+ audience these days anyway.

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    Took you a while

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