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    didnt they literaly have to "turn off" set bonuses bcs they were powerfull well into the new content despite having far less stats on gear pieces?
    Another issue was as recently as WoD some specs would start the fight with old tier on because they could proc the bonus pre-pull and then swap gear at the last second and min/maxers felt bad cause pull timers were going for over a minute so everyone could prep right
    The greater the light, the darker the shadow. And this light casts a shadow over all I see - the Prophet Velen, when asked what's next for Blizzard

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    Quote Originally Posted by stansted12 View Post
    Right now I'm having more fun in wow than I can remember. I can switch between multiple interesting creative and visually spectacular abilities in Oribos and try out new builds in every battleground or raid, and do crazy shit I've never done before.

    Correct me if I'm wrong here but I don't think it is borrowed power that is the problem. That doesn't make any sense. Are you saying you want less abilities, less choice, from wow? No. Do you want every ability from every expansion to remain in your arsenal?-no, that would leave you with a thousand different buttons to press.

    I think what happened here is a small number of streamers, who have very annoying fans who tend to repeat everything they say verbatim, a) have been playing wow far too long and just end up whining about everything because they are commercially obligated to play wow forever and b) confuse the excessively grindy and repetitive mechanics involved in obtaining the borrowed power with the fun of the borrowed power itself. In 9.2 that grind no longer exists.

    So I suspect what will happen is this: Blizzard will put much less work into offering the players diversity of options in Dragonflight, because that's essentially what we asked for and its cheap. Then the players will whine about it like they didn't cause the situation in the first place. That happens a lot.

    Does no one else see these train wrecks coming?

    (Cue lots of guys talking about wow in a retrospective, creepy way as if it were an ex-girlfriend that dumped their ass years ago.)
    yes its so fun being shoehorned into a specefic covenant thanks to all the others being trash. its so fun going from strong to extremly weak as soon as every expansion releases. Its so fun to having to grind for crap systems only for them being taken away. Not to mention absolute stupid ideas like corruptions that were a pain to farm, broke classes left and right and punished you aswell.

    Hell, thanks to borrowed power we dont even get good class design beacuse "oh just wait until you have your borrowed power and its gonna feel good". i dont want to wait half a expansion for my class to feel good, i want it to play good from start without having to rely on hamsterwheel systems.

    Only borrowed power should be tier sets, nothing else. I dont even wanna experience the crapshow BFA was, nor legion or SL for that matte ever again.

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    I agree that abandoning borrowed power is the best change that ever did

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