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    The story isn't bad because the devs are lazy. It's complicated, but one observation: they're trying to tell a "great man theory" esque geopolitical intrigue cosmic war tale in a world that isn't reactive because of developer resource constraints.

    But which I mean: a hole in the sky into Hell (literal, actual Hell) opens, through which demonic angels fly and kidnap the leadership the Alliance and the Horde.

    And no one gives a shit. Did anyone on Azeroth notice? Does anyone care? Thrall, Jaina and Baine don't seem to care, they're just sitting in Orobos, swapping stories about how much it blows to be tortured endlessly by WoW Satan in his literal Tower of the Damned.


    1) pretty sure marketing foists plot points on the dev team (ie bring Illidan back!)
    2) pretty sure shadowlands had cut content, and what we did see was reworked
    3) the idea behind Shadowlands isn't that bad, if unoriginal even by WoW standards- the problem is they mystery boxed it. What did the Jailer say to Sylvanas to convince her? Buy the book, released after the game is finished, to find out!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rendark View Post
    The video was good until the end were he said it was all fake. He should have put that at the start.
    I mean it was pretty obvious it was fake?

    In regards to the vid, I've seen this a few weeks ago. Cool but it's only like that because it is framed like a real life mystery about the game. So the conclusion about this being a story about Stonetalon and how anyone can make a story interesting falls flat. Dude should've left it as a story without trying to say it proves something.

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    WoW's darkest secret: Its all fake.
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    How is this video any different then the WOW audio drama or any book? The problem with writing for a game is turning those words into an interesting game experience, it was nice but it isn't the super slap to Blizzard some people want to pretend it is.

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    Better story than Shadowlands.

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    People didn’t immediately skip to the end?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantazma View Post
    The most amazing video anyone has ever made about wow. The lesson is at the end.
    Can you do me a favour and log out, then just never post here again? Seriously, gtfo with your fake rubbish

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    Quote Originally Posted by cparle87 View Post
    I'm honestly not sure what your point is here. To shill their fanfiction video or bash on the WoW writers? You haven't made a single post without insulting them this whole thread.

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    No, because most movies are either fiction, and they tell you. Based on a true story, and they tell you. Or reality, and guess what, they tell you.

    Also that's a false dichotomy. We're not comparing reality to fiction. We're considering the canon of a franchise to someone pretending their canon until the end to troll you. Remember the April Fool's Legend of Zelda trailer?
    It's not fan fiction...

    It's not even worth explaining it, if you didn't get it from observing it, you aren't going to figure it out after I break it down barney style.

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