Poll: Do you like Racial Capitol Cities?

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    Yes, plus this is a problem entirely of Blizzard’s own making. Unlike real life, an area in-game is under absolute control by the developers as well as the overworld environment it’s in. That people don’t use or enjoy them is a design failure which is something they can correct at practically any time. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it’s a skill set I’d totally expect out of a billion dollar company.

    As to class oriented cities that can work too but more as in-game representation of guilds with guild halls, specialized vendors etc. It can be taken overboard to seem you need to visit any number of dozens of locations for a given set of content, but that’s where specialization/focus comes into play. Not everywhere is needed for all content/expansions. For professions it often times is actually part of the fantasy of being a particular profession. You like archeology probably because of the adventure, hunting down clues, etc. for example. So maybe you need to trek to various libraries in hunting something down.
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    I mean at this point, they're quite irrelevant or pointless. But despite that, I can't really imagine WoW without iconic locations like Irongforge, Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Racial locations help maintain what little racial culture there is left in the Alliance and Horde.
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    Since Arthas used Frostmourne, which is a Runeblade, and Frostmourne's power eminates from those runes, that made him a Runemaster by default.

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