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    Easier to claim that a raid is over tuned than to admit you're bad at the game I guess. Let's the LFR crowd have a shot at normal I guess.
    Do you think it's a virtue to be good at the game? I pity you if you do.
    Fact is, the number of guilds clearing Sepulcher on different difficulty levels was and is on a record low. Now you can find (and believe) any excuse you want for that: players being bad, noone playing the game or whatever. It doesn't really matter. What matters is if it's good for the game. And to be honest, I can't imagine what's good in players not being able to finish the content. Think about that before you write another elitis post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogoth View Post
    so would you say that you and your group were more of a casual audience in terms of raiding?

    is that a result of the mechanics, or is it an age thing where as we get older we lose reaction time and get more stuck in our ways and are less able to change to things, especially things that require rapid responses?

    at what difficulty do you play, and what difficulty have you completed in the past?

    i want to understand the reasoning behind the complaints because for many (not all) most of them are just whining because people can't just faceroll the content and are using the 'too many mechanics' thing as a smokescreen which is something that has been done now for years which is why it's less likely to get a positive repsonse when it becomes a legitimate concern.
    Good questions! I'll try to break this out a bit.

    1. I would say the guild is, at this point, largely a casual audience. We have guild members (and some f&f that aren't part of the guild but do raid with us) that are more competitive but over half of the raid team is older, married, and unable to play as much as we did in, say, WotLK.

    2. The question of root cause is absolutely relevant and I think it’s a mix of mechanics and slowed reaction time. The real killer for us is the personal responsibility put on individual raiders due to random mechanics (Rygelon, for example). In years past we could have specific people soak wipe mechanics to prevent some of our less-experienced/older/etc etc players from being the cause of issues in the raid. That worked out great and we were able to work around issues in the raid. We are mostly friends in real life or have known each other for 15+ years in-game and we just aren’t going to bench people for progression….the randomly-targeted lethal mechanics are definitely testing that commitment.

    3. We are currently (due largely to #2) just working our way through normal and heroic and have decided collectively that we are going to do M+ for higher gear and use raids to be social. It’s not great but we carved out a middle ground that keeps everyone included. Several of us have at least some mythic experience although have moved to keys in recent patches.

    To your last point this isn’t me trying to whine. I like a challenging encounter and I enjoy that kind of coordination. What I don’t enjoy is watching someone who is legitimately trying but isn’t as quick as they used to be suddenly get targeted by a mechanic they can’t handle and then listen to them apologize in Disc and be embarrassed. Good example of a better way to handle this was KJ: You needed a soak but we could designate soakers that could handle it.

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