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    Quote Originally Posted by cparle87 View Post
    Did you read any further than that? They explained their reasoning. They felt it was a bit too easy for dps to pull off a tank if they were going ham on something besides the tank's primary target, like if they were just passively in a dnd/cons or getting swiped and nothing more.
    I've been able to pull aggro with convoke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    4 % buff to BM . when it needs like 60 % buff to compete with MM and survival

    they must be laughing so hard in the office while writing those

    like how can we mock playerbase
    youre crazy if you think bm isnt just as good in pvp as the other 2 lol. well unless you mean pve and idk then cause i dont pve at all.

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