Poll: Best racial abilities for Season 4 PvE?

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    Best racial abilities for Season 4?

    **For PvE raiding in the updated "Fated" Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, and Sepulcher of the First Ones**

    It's a historic time, patch 9.2.5 on Tuesday. IMO it's 10 years overdue, but I'm glad to see it. (I'm expecting the first week to be a disaster due to the scale of the changes, but here's hopin'.)

    So I thought I'd make a post because even though I troll this and other forums all the time, there are now so many races with so many different abilities I thought it'd be fun to do a refresher on what they all are. Those that PvP will probably much more up on these than myself, who hasn't read them, in some cases, ever.

    It's interesting that there are now 23 available races, 11 for each side + pandaren, so I can't even list them all in the 20 poll options.

    Draenei: 3 min-heal, +primary stat
    Dwarf: remove all poison, disease, curse, magic, bleed and reduce all physical damage taken by 10% for 8 sec on 2 min CD daaannngggg they buffed that since the last time I bothered to read it. Also 2% bonus to crit damage
    Gnome: +1% haste, +class resource, get out of movement impairing 1 min CD
    Human: 2% secondary stats, remove stuns 3 min CD
    Night Elf: +2% dodge and speed, 1% haste at night 1% crit during the day
    Worgen: Movement CD, 1% crit
    Void Elf: DPS/Healing Proc, no spell pushback, space rift
    Lightforged Draenei: Holy attack
    Dark Iron: 4% movement indoors (in raids? it's called dungeon delver) + remove all poison curse magic bleed and gain primary stat for 8 sec
    Kul Tiran: 1% vers + heal some of it, stun
    Mechagnome: Stacking increase to primary stat while in combat, Cheat Death every 2.5 min, I dunno what light originator does

    Pandaren: double bonus from food, incapacitate

    Blood elf: 1% crit, purge that buffs player
    Goblin: Rocket jump, Rocket attack
    Orc: 2 min AP/SP CD, +1% pet damage
    Tauren: 2% crit damage bonus, +stam, AoE stun 90 sec
    Troll: 15% haste for 10 sec on 3 min CD, health regen in combat, reduced movement slowing
    Undead: Remove charm, fear, and sleep 2 min CD, passive shadow damage
    Nightborne: +1% magic damage, arcane pulse aoe damage and slow for 12 sec 3 min CD
    Highmountain: Charge + knockdown for 1.5 sec 2 min CD, 1% vers, reduced damage taken
    Mag'har: Ancestral Call, no idea what it does, reduced poison, disease, and curse duration, pet health
    Zandalari: Embrace of the loa, no idea what it does, channeled ability to fully heal over 6 sec but is interrupted by damage taken 2.5 min
    Vulpera: Bag of Tricks, no idea what it does

    Draenei [Gift of the Naaru] [Heroic Presence] [Gemcutting] [Shadow Resistance]
    Dwarf [Explorer] [Frost Resistance] [Might of the Mountain] [Stoneform]
    Gnome [Arcane Resistance] [Engineering Specialization] [Escape Artist] [Expansive Mind] [Nimble Fingers]
    Human [Every Man for Himself] [Diplomacy] [The Human Spirit]
    Night elf [Elusiveness] [Nature Resistance] [Quickness] [Shadowmeld] [Touch of Elune] [Wisp Spirit]
    Worgen [Darkflight] [Viciousness] [Aberration] [Two Forms] [Running Wild] [Flayer]
    Void elf [Chill of Night] [Entropic Embrace] [Ethereal Connection] [Preternatural Calm] [Spatial Rift]
    Lightforged draenei [Light's Judgment] [Forge of Light] [Demonbane] [Light's Reckoning] [Holy Resistance]
    Dark Iron dwarf [Dungeon Delver] [Fireblood] [Forged in Flames] [Mass Production] [Mole Machine]
    Kul Tiran [Brush It Off] [Child of the Sea] [Haymaker] [Jack of All Trades] [Rime of the Ancient Mariner]
    Mechagnome[Combat Analysis] [Mastercraft] [Emergency Failsafe] [Skeleton Pinkie] [Hyper Organic Light Originator]

    Pandaren [Epicurean] [Gourmand] [Inner Peace] [Bouncy] [Quaking Palm]

    Blood Elf [Arcane Affinity] [Arcane Acuity] [Arcane Resistance] [Arcane Torrent]
    Goblin [Rocket Jump] [Rocket Barrage] [Time is Money] [Best Deals Anywhere] [Better Living Through Chemistry] [Pack Hobgoblin]
    Orc [Blood Fury] [Command] [Hardiness]
    Tauren [Brawn] [Cultivation] [Endurance] [Nature Resistance] [War Stomp]
    Troll [Beast Slaying] [Berserking] [Da Voodoo Shuffle] [Regeneration]
    Undead [Will of the Forsaken] [Cannibalize] [Touch of the Grave] [Shadow Resistance]
    Nightborne[Ancient History] [Arcane Affinity] [Cantrips] [Arcane Pulse] [Magical Resistance]
    Highmountain Tauren[Bull Rush] [Pride of Ironhorn] [Mountaineer] [Rugged Tenacity] [Waste Not, Want Not]
    Mag'har [Ancestral Call] [Open Skies] [Savage Blood] [Sympathetic Vigor]
    Zandalari [City of Gold] [Embrace of the Loa] [Pterrordax Swoop] [Regeneratin']
    Vulpera [Make Camp] [Return to Camp] [Fire Resistance] [Alpaca Saddlebags] [Bag of Tricks]
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    Screenshot of realm balance in 2006: https://web.archive.org/web/20060328...realmstats.php
    Illdian and Mal'Ganis were 50-50 and Tichondrius was the most Horde-heavy at 60-40. 110 servers had an Alliance majority, 34 were Horde majority.

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    Isn't mechagnome cheat death more like the auto-triggered phial, without any of the dispel properties, and only 15% of your HP?
    Anyhow, for PvE in general (read carefully, it says IN GENERAL), nothing comes close to dwarf for obvious reasons. Others are in the useless...nice to have region, but the ability to dispel a massive array of debuffs every few minutes is what it is.

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