View Poll Results: Which expansion has the best soundtrack?

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  • Mists of Pandaria

    42 37.17%
  • Warlords of Draenor

    40 35.40%
  • Legion

    13 11.50%
  • Battle for Azeroth

    15 13.27%
  • Shadowlands

    3 2.65%
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    WoD had genuinely decent music, and my least favourite of the lot has to be BfA (I didn't play Shadowlands)

    BfA's zone music felt like it tried way too hard to be grandiose 100% of the time, especially in Kul Tiran areas, and it got very old very fast for me, first time I ended up playing with music muted in WoW.

    As a general rule I prefer when background music is actually part of the background to provide ambient atmosphere, like it used to be in earlier WoW, not when it's trying to be the center of attention

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    How could you possibly pick just one?
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    MoP: Variety, beauty, calm but also epic tracks. Jade Forest and Kun Lai has some of my favourite tracks in the entire game.

    Legion comes second: Mostly epic tracks but the ones who are are of great quality. Suramar and Stormheim are high points for me.

    I don't get the love the WoD music gets. I find it noisy and tiresome to listen to. Talador is the only nice one.

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    Tough competition between warlords and panda. BFA is lower but has lots of great tracks as well. Legion has like three or four good ones, and shadowlands is just depressive mellowness.

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    I need to actually listen to SL music. Lol I've had music off for the entire expansion I think

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    Mists of Pandaria for me.
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    Ardenweald has amazing music, everything else is decent but not amazing.

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    They're all good and sometimes I hear SL music in my head but The Burning Legion theme in Legion sticks out a lot to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mendzia View Post
    One of the only good thing from WoD is music.
    oh cmon,most everything in wod was top tier,the only thing that ruined wod was a lack of content,garrisons being mandatory and the main story plot being nonsensical,but everything else from music,art,leveling,general questing,the cinematics and presentation,raids,class design were all pretty top tier

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    I loved the flutes in Mists of Pandaria. Still im a sucker for classic music

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    WoD by far, not even close!

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    Tough choice between WoD and BfA. The Shadowmoon Valley music is some of the most beautiful in WoW. And Frostfire Ridge... But then there's the night music from BfA. I'm gonna go with WoD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    oh cmon,most everything in wod was top tier,the only thing that ruined wod was a lack of content,garrisons being mandatory and the main story plot being nonsensical,but everything else from music,art,leveling,general questing,the cinematics and presentation,raids,class design were all pretty top tier
    That certainly explains the trend that followed.
    "Mountains of Thunder" from WotLK always hits me in the feels. Poignant, a touch melancholy and yet triumphant. "Gardens of Life" reminded of a scene in the movie "The Dark Crystal."
    MoP's "Why do we fight" is a percussionist's wet dream.

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    WoD had by faaaaar the best music. None of the other expansions come even close, not even Wrath.

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    I personally really enjoyed BFA's music. Zandalar and Drustvar are favorites of mine

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    I have a playlist from MoP I still listen to multiple times a week, usually to go to sleep. That expansion was just top notch. But musically honestly I think they're all great. WoD, Legion, BfA, SL all have great music.

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    Hmm, MoP has 10 years, not know if consider it "modern".

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    I will say it like this:

    Soundtrack wise, they all have good tracks, yes even Shadowlands.


    Id prefer to rate them like this:

    Legion: 10/10, some of the more iconic tracks from recent times came from Legion like Anduin's theme and the revamped Illidari themes aswell as Argus which I loved everything to do with the Vindicaar, Suramar and Highmountain get honorable mentions.

    WoD: 9.5/10, WoD actually doesnt have many iconic themes save Khadgar's and the Iron Horde's but it has some of the most iconic cinematic themes, and thats what counts for me.

    BFA: 9.5/10 Banger tracks from Daughter of the Sea to the Alliance/Horde specific tracks in BFA were amazing, N'zoths track, also, a major win, BFA had almost 0 bad tracks of any note.

    MoP: 9/10 My problem with Pandaria's score is Jeremy Soule is a very memorable MP3 player on steroids, nearly every Soule track after NWN1 has been very samey and MoP has alot of those, but it does, have very good moments from the cinematics to the 5.1 stuff with the alliance/horde tracks.

    Shadowlands: 7/10 Now heres the thing with Shadowlands tracks, the issue isnt that they're bad, its that they lack creativity, too many of them are either a revamp of another track, a slight variant on it, or generally too mellow/light to the point they feel closer to the Vanillia wow era of tracks, which isnt to say thats a bad thing, but other more epic tracks overshadow them, and thats the brutal truth.

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    Battle for Azeroth. I know, it's not so pupular as others, but something in it makes me feel like I am a warrior and my mission here is to save the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julian Rayne View Post
    How could you possibly pick just one?
    WoD, for all its (many, many) faults had a great and catchy soundtrack. The cinematic theme, the main theme, Khadgar's theme, a light in the darkness, even the fucking sea music was great.
    MoP had a few good themes, the cinematic song is probably my favourite one, way of the monk...
    Legion had... several versions of Anduin's theme.
    BfA had some decent ones around Boralus and anything pirate related.
    And Shadowlands didn't have a single piece that I can remember.

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