View Poll Results: Which expansion has the best soundtrack?

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  • Mists of Pandaria

    42 37.17%
  • Warlords of Draenor

    40 35.40%
  • Legion

    13 11.50%
  • Battle for Azeroth

    15 13.27%
  • Shadowlands

    3 2.65%
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    Horde Which modern expansion has the best soundtrack?

    For me, it's a tie between WoD and Legion.
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    MoP and WoD are the apex of WoW's music. I have nearly every track from those expansions on my favorite's playlist. It'd be easier to list the tracks that I didn't think were bangers.

    I can hardly remember any WoW music after WoD. The OST became so forgettable. The only memorable Legion tracks was a Suramar song, Anduin's theme, the Warrior class order hall, and that grating, tense violin music from Argus. For BFA the only songs I can remember is a couple Kul'Tiras themes.

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    There is music in MoP that I actually remember.
    WoD I played very little so hard to say. I mostly remember garrison music? I like certain part of the alliance garrison music.
    From legion I don't remember anything, but that means while I don't remember anything good, I don't remember anything bad either. I didn't hate it.
    BFA music are a bit lower quality than Legion, but that is just a feel I get. The difference isn't large.

    As for SL ... Haha .. No. SL lacked anything I'd think of "warcraft music". Its style is different. For example, every expansion login music has been cool, but ... SL? What is that music? It barely exists!
    SL music is just different. Did it change who makes the music? Or what?

    So order would be

    MoP > Legion >= WoD >= BFA >>> SL

    edit: Thought it a little bit more.
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    WoD, there isn' t even a contest. For all its fault it has some of the best soundtracks alongside WotLK

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    MoP and it's not even close

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    Theme from WoD is a very reliable source of goosebumps for me.

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    MoP and WoD both have fantastic soundtracks, but WoD definitely wins out for me.

    I especially love the Talador theme.

    WoD was incidentally also the last expansion Russel Brower worked full-time on. He became a freelance contractee ahead of Legion.
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    They are all fantastic but WoD has plenty of master pieces, so voted that.

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    I can't really choose. The music and art is the one thing consistently good across every expansion.

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    One of the only good thing from WoD is music.

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    BfA imo. I still occasionally log into my alliance alt and run around Boralus listening to the various tracks.

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    Loved Mists of Pandaria, Battle For Azeroth is on second for me out of the new ones. In total, it would be Wrath of the Lich King, then MoP, then BFA.
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    WoD, Legion and BfA are my favorites. Voted BfA because it has several amazing tracks and is reminiscent to Warcraft 2 at a few occasions, whereas WoD and Legion mainly stand out with a couple strong tracks each.

    SL sounds dull and uninspired, I like the Jailer and Sylvanas boss fight music, but can't think of anything else that sticks out. I turn off the music in this expansion very often because it's just so monotone.

    MoP I entirely dislike.
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    Definitely WoD.

    MoP also has that Kazoo tune in their Inns...

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    WoD and BfA are the best out of that group.

    Shadowlands music was okayish. This is the only song I thought was really memorable.

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    Music has always been good .. but WoD was the best ..

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    Literally every single track from WoD is either a vigorous banger or a beautiful euphony

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    MoP and WoD are my favs out of the recent expansions as a whole. There's some music in expansions later that is still great, but they're usually in isolation. I wouldn't say the recent stuff is bad musically, it's because the music having impact (especially for me) has to be connected to something or evoke some sort of feeling/emotion. For many, this means it's connected to the game in some way, whether it's a good story/quest/raid or just fun experiences you're having with others in the game. Of the music since WoD that I do like quite a bit, it's almost exclusively tied to something else that was good or memorable. This isn't a hard rule, but a tendency.

    I'll give an example for me: the Shadowlands outdoor music for the zones. The music isn't bad, and the zones look nice, but the game itself kind of sucks the soul and potential out of what could be better. The best scenario is that whole is greater than the sum of its parts, elevating the individual parts (like music) higher than if it were on its own. However, WoW has not been like that recently, and everything surrounding things like music just detracts or makes its worse.

    Just a slight aside, the music scores from vanilla through WotLK are all permanently burned into my head. A lot of this has to do with all the great experiences from back in the day, which elevates the music and my enjoyment of said music quite a bit. They may not be technically outstanding, but they are attached to feelings and experiences that makes the music wholly wonderful.
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