Hi all,

I am an oldschool player where I've experience in raiding mythic. Last mythic content I've done was Castle Nathria, killing Sire within the 1240 guilds in the world.
Playing since classic, cleared all content in: Classic, TBC, WOTLK (Realm first on LK Heroic), some mythic raiding on Pandaria and Legion, cleared everything in WoD mythic.

I am now looking to return to mythic raiding, with the objective to get CE on SotFO and on next expansion.
I am pushing some keys and I have the following characters available for raiding (ordered by preference):

Resto shaman
Monk brewmaster

Can also rush a Resto druid who was my main alt on season 1 if needed.

You can reach me on bnet mdz#2776 and I can show you the logs and armory link (cant use links here, yet).