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    Camera API for weak aura

    I want to change field of view automatically when entering dungeons. But I still can't find right API for it.
    Does anyone know of an API that works the same as below chat command?
    /console camerafov 120


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    They hotfixed that field of view. The max is now 90, which has been the default since release. There is no other method of changing the field of view.

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    This is already hot fixed? I read "Change Field of View in Patch 9.2.5" on wow head yesterday. I can't post any URL cuz I'm newbie.
    And I can change my FoV in game now. I think max is 120 now. Please test that command.

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    I read newest post. Sigh.
    Thanks for reply.

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    I did something similar but for brightness and contrast because of SoA dungeon were so bright it was annoying.

    Was a long time ago though, but I think you can use:
    SetCVar ("camerafov", #)
    - bit unsure if the capitalization matter for though, but should be visible in a mod / addon that allows you to change more options through cvar.

    Basically change the /console to SetCVar and then trigger it.

    Here's an image of someone doing it with graphics settings, which might help you further.

    EDIT: seems like I might've misunderstood the issue... sounds like you wanted to bypass the max, but I thought you meant that you couldn't trigger the command.
    I keep it up anyway for informations sake.
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    It's not hotfixed yet, at least when I tested it an hour ago

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    But it will be soon, Blizzard stated it was unintentional and will be fixed. So I don't get why you need an aura for it?!

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