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    WoW token price

    Was just wondering when the best time is to buy WoW tokens? Not necessarily what time of day, but what is the long term trend generally? With the release of the Dragonflight prepurchase, token prices skyrocketed. I don't exactly have a ton of money, so I try to purchase my game time with WoW gold, through tokens. My renewal is coming up, and unfortunately the token prices just jumped. What is the predicted priced of tokens going forwards?

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    There is literally no way to know this (predicted price of tokens). You can always assume the amount will increase around patches and expansions.

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    Thoughts and prayers.

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    Blizzard announces item that players want that can be purchased via wow token = wow token price increases. It's the most obvious conclusion.

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    There is historical data. If you can can find when announcements were previously made, you can follow previous trends.

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