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    Horde Long gone player coming back! Help needed to catch up!

    Hello everyone!

    I had been playing retail since 2006 but I stopped very early during Battle of Azeroth.

    I did play a bit of Shadowlands at some point and completed the Night Fae questline (I think) but then completely stopped since I didnt have much time and everytime I logged back in, game made less sense.

    Could you please provide recommendations on what to do currently in Shadowlands in order to quickly catch up with the story?

    Pretty much need instructions for a quick xpac tour (Horde side) to quickly tick boxes of all the important events.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Since uve completed nightfae, you're done 9.0. Next step could be going up thru chapter 4 of 9.1 campaign which is in korthia. Shld take 2 hours to get that far and will unlock ground mounts in the maw, remove the jailers eye in the maw, and most importantly let u fly in ardenweald, bastion, maldraxxus, and revendreth.

    After that do the 9.2 campaign in zereth mortis. Vendor that sells 226 ilvl gear for 500 anima each. Could also buy 229 ilvl gear cheap on AH. Doing this campaign will get you a 265 belt of unity. This is your "2nd lego". Gives u the covenant legendary effect and you can also equip a non cov lego. If you get revered with the new rep, you can learn the unity memory, which will allow you to craft this 2nd lego on almost any slot, and up to 291 ilvl. Youll also unlock the creation catalyst. This will allow you to craft tier sets. Finally in this zone, google the pathfinder achieve to learn how to fly here.

    After that your main gearing paths are competitive pvp, raid, and m+. Will take u up to 278 ish ilvl. If they don't interest you, look into the research cypher system in the new zone. over the course of 3 or so weeks you can unlock up to 252 ilvl wq rewards from the new zone.

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    What about raid finder? When should I do each part for the story to have a proper flow?

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