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    Maybe that's because they've barely released any info other than a few talent trees since the reveal? We don't even know what kind of abilities the new class will have...

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    Personally, I'm okay with an expansion that seems more "boring" in terms of announced features if, and only if, the expansion itself is a return to form and the game is actually good again. I think a true "back to basics" expansion would be really good for the game right now given the fact that BfA and SL have been so terrible.

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    Giving the current blizzard track record this is a safe bet, (Said this before) they just don't have the talent anymore to make fun games, hell they seem to be trying to take LK which was fun and see how crappy they can make it.

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    We don't need a bucket of experimental game modes that have always turned out disappointing. If the zones, dungeons and raids are fun to play, rewarding and without toxic one shot wipe mechanics (looking at Sepulcher), if the classes have engaging playstyle with various viable builds and reasonable balance, if you have an expansive and relevant crafting system, believable and immersive story that doesn't poke holes everywhere across established lore and more than one content patch per year... Then that's everything WoW needs to be. The social element grows from a solid game and a happy playerbase.
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    Blizzard do what the players want all the time.

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    thinly-veiled Tinker thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoMedic View Post
    In related topics, please check out the forum posts "What did you think of the year 2024?", and "How did you feel the day you died?", and also "What did you you think of the lunch you ate tomorrow?"
    1. 2024 sucked more than 2020 and 2021
    2. Wonderful, relieved.
    3. Boring, same old same old.

    Hope that helps.

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    How can you judge an expansion when it has not come out yet and you have not played any of it? I will wait to see how it is before I make a decision on whether or not I like it. As for the (s)tinker class, only the very vocal minority really wanted that.
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    i would honestly come back if they thrown in couple new classes, player housing (if possible), treasure hunt adventures weekly rotation, New mage tower challenge seasonal plus tmogs (something new and unique against your class), More pve/pvp islands adventures to do to gain your collections.

    Unlikely to happen cuz they just copy and paste half assed content AGAIN. Oh joy, new raider IO, new personal score time attack. Getting old fast and non enjoyable cuz they have to add x to y with an extra steps with an extra steps with an extra steps.

    hence i moved on to something else.. Maybe.. just a maybe return for wotlk classic that i missed out…

    dragonflight is def going to be an automatic garbage xpac cuz “fun” isn’t there anymore. You know it but continues on being fed fake fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kithelle View Post
    Maybe that's because they've barely released any info other than a few talent trees since the reveal? We don't even know what kind of abilities the new class will have...
    Yes, but I have seen several spells/attacks that are heavily tied in with a dragon form and it has been very concerning for me. I don't want to play a creature with scales. (Which should be fun for some people) I'd like spells that are actual spells etc and castable in visage form.

    I am more interested in visage form and avatars looking like Alexstrasza, Ysera, Tarecgosa etc. I seen a Soridormi concept I really liked too, Noz's spouse.(Maybe they need to go look at some pictures of fanart or cosplay for inspiration. Of what the community thinks of visage forms.) Maybe they can do the men a solid too and give them a nice long beard. Maybe even different sized ones. Just for variety. Some people have mentioned Nozdormu's beard also I've heard several people mention for many years they wish they could have a decent looking beard that isn't necessarily on a dwarf.

    I just hope the casting animation looks like actual casting animation. Not that I am forced to be in a Dracthyr form for it to make sense. Ion even confirmed this saying it wouldn't make sense to have a visage cast the aerial breath spell...

    No it pretty much doesn't and I have been asking the company kindly to rethink having the dragon theme so heavily interwoven. To treat the class as an actual class and the race as separate things. With an alpha launch soon, to me that sounds like they have made no changes. Even the people that work there would have to understand the benefits of not having the hero class tied heavily VISUALLY with dragons. (meaning the dracthyr forms) It would free up the race and class to be played by lots of other choices.

    Which everyone was incredibly vocal about when we first heard the announcement. Not very many people are happy that the first caster hero class is locked to one race and that a new race only gets ONE class. They need to actually reconsider this.. even from a business perspective I feel like it made no sense. You only need to create one of these characters ever, if anyone had the incentive to make one. Compared to people making different characters with all types of races for the class. Or not being able to use the race as anything else...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantazma View Post
    Good luck to those who got excited about the lizard race that no one ever asked for and new classes that came out of nowhere.
    I'd rather something new and interesting than what some of the community asked for. [Tinkers and Ogers, ew no thanks]. Give me pure caster dragon folk any day of the week with those other two as even a slight possibility.
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    Wile i do think dragonflight is close,it in no way looks more booring than mop looked,i mean dragonflight has dragons...that alone beats the panda trailer what if mop looked booring?>it ended up being a top tier expansion

    you know what expansion didnt look booring and actualy looked extremly badass??? wod...and shadowlands

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    Hey op. Right now Dragonflight isn't out yet. Didn't think we had to tell you that.

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    The only things that interest me at all so far are the revamped talent system, and what little has been revealed about PvP gearing. Neither one has me particularly excited though for obvious reasons.

    I think the the talent system will end up being a major disappointment, due to laziness and them putting our baseline toolkit we have now in the tree, making the end result basically the same, except with irritating compromises. It also completely ignores my favorite part about the old talent tree system, which was being a class rather than a spec. If you still have to pick a spec and the toolkit is the same, it seems like a pretty pointless change. The level squish already took care of making leveling feel better, being both faster and giving something new pretty much every level. Not to mention hardly any new players are coming in, so nobody really cares about leveling anyway, except getting through it as quickly and painlessly as possible, with hopefully a decent story.

    As for the PvP gearing, again I think it will likely be a disappointment, even if it is an improvement over the garbage we have now. If dungeon or raid gear is better than honor gear in battlegrounds or arena, it will continue to be very unappealing to me. I would rather have no gear at all in PvP, but if it must exist in some form, then all PvP gear should be better in PvP than all PvE gear, the gap between honor and conquest gear should not be that large, nor should higher ratings get better gear.

    Outside of those few things, I would have to agree it looks like a ridiculously boring expansion so far. A rather down to earth story compared to the large scale cosmic stuff, no single player content comparable to Torghast, a caster class I will probably never play beyond the starter experience, once again no new battlegrounds planned, once again no true cross faction merging planned outside of organized group content I never do anyway, and profession stuff I could not care less about.
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    Let’s complain about something we have barely seen. That’s a great way to make sure we stay content with what we have in life.

    Yes we have seen very little. But we also have not had the alpha/beta…so of course there is very little. Once those are released you will be able to see your content that you’re so desperate to see.

    However whatever they release you will still not feel validated in playing a game you no longer enjoy. Don’t buy and play the new expansion if it doesn’t interest you and move onto something new. A new game franchise or a new hobby in general. The only thing keeping you playing is yourself and complaining that everything you see coming is crap and doesn’t make you happy should T be a reason to purchase it, all that will do is make you resent it even more.

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    We haven't played DF yet, so it's hard to say.

    It sure SOUNDS boring, though. Maybe because they're overemphasizing certain features in their promotional materials. Could just be PR bias and not actual weight of the activities. Then again - what, presumably, IS there to do? Grind reputations that work kind of like covenants for non-power rewards; and explore the world on your time-gated not-quite-flying-mount. And of course the stuff WoW always does, dungeons and raids.

    Maybe that's enough for people. It doesn't SOUND enough to me, but I've had lots of problems with WoW over the last couple years so maybe I'm just not the audience anymore.

    I'm not saying I want borrowed power back, of course. I'm glad that's gone. But to me the biggest problem in WoW's recent history has been the lack of a meaningful horizontal progression system that isn't just gear/power - DF does nothing for that, really. Maybe that's just not what WoW is or ever will be. Still, I can't help but feel like DF is rather empty, and they're going too all-in on the hopes that Classic-style gameplay of just doing quests, reps, and exploring the world is enough in 2022 to make a good expansion. I doubt it, but I'll keep watching and see what happens.

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    Literally none of it has me hyped.
    I've never been less hyped from seeing an expansion cinematic reveal.
    And then the gameplay reveal.

    Honestly, I'm pretty bummed about that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam552 View Post
    Was excited at announcement but the silence and lack of new info has ruined the hype for me now.

    I expect a cut-down expansion, which releases before any player feedback from alpha/beta has had its chance to come through.
    This 100% for me too
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Literally none of it has me hyped.
    I've never been less hyped from seeing an expansion cinematic reveal.
    And then the gameplay reveal.

    Honestly, I'm pretty bummed about that.
    It didn't help that the announcement felt like forced hype so much it was cringe. They showed like 3 features and everyone pretended like it was the most amazing thing ever conceived. That only underscored how little there actually was.

    Doesn't help that so much of it defined by what's missing - the expansion systems are defined by NOT being borrowed power; the dragon riding thing is defined by NOT being flying; and all anyone saw about Drac'thyr was that they CAN'T be any other class (and of course the hardcore fanatics only saw Evoker as NOT being Tinker, too).

    That's not a good way to get people excited.

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    I think the ONLY thing i don't like for now in DF is the fact that i cannot transmog Drakthyr... that is... basically a deal breaker for me regarding the class/race... and that they look so... furry... wide hips etc.

    The rest is the same as every other expansion without the tacked on system everyone complains about every time. You probably will have a bit less to do overall because there won't be as much grinding. Live with it. Simple as that. Playerbase was VERY vocal about removing stuff like that. They did.
    But Wow never had much else outside of raiding/mythic+/pvp/achivments and transmog runs. And most people only engage in 2-3 of those.

    So... yeah this expansion probably feels a bit empty at the start because we are used to having a system on top for endless grinding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoMedic View Post
    Seriously? lmao...

    In related topics, please check out the forum posts "What did you think of the year 2024?", and "How did you feel the day you died?", and also "What did you you think of the lunch you ate tomorrow?"
    Supposed to be going to Five Guys tomorrow for lunch so thinking that will be/was pretty great. As for the expansion I think it's a bit bent to be all "MOST BORING EXPANSION EVER" when we really don't know much about it. Maybe it will be bad, maybe not. In any case I think hype is to be expected and as stupid as ever much like pre-hate.

    I'll be happy enough if they've cleaned up/out some of the (too) many, many systems so that it's not such a chore to try and figure out how it all works together.
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