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    The WoW itch is growing inside me

    Its been 9 months since I last subbed but the urge to play a socialable alt-tab safe game like an mmo is once again fired up inside me, wow is always king for that, tried some others like new world / guild wars, more recently the ff xiv free period.. but none really drew me in.... only reason I havent logged into WoW already is because I have to make the payment.....

    Help steer me away or draw me in, you choose

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    We'll now days you can catch up fast, end of exp. But there aint much new content. ZA zone is kinda like Korthia, but more structured. Its fine, but nothing speciel like Korthia, but a bit better.

    Maybe you just wanna log on to make some gold or catch up on some grinds thats going away/will be harder in the future.
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    Well, the big thing you need to ask yourself is why did you quit playing? Were you bored? Mad at Blizzard? Tired of playing the same content endlessly? Once you know why, ask yourself if those problems have been fixed to a degree that you're happy with, if the answer is yes and you don't mind the fact that the content in the game is not going to be much to do, then sub.

    My personal suggestion though is to let that itch grow and do other things. My suspicion is that you are far less likely to be frustrated with the state of the game if you wait until the pre- patch for DF is out and you get to play with all the new systems. It'd also be a great time to wrap up any unfinished SL content you might have not done. Just my personal opinion though.

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    Wait till maybe around Season 4 or at least a month or two before the Prepatch event. Season 4 Affix Raids will be giving out Raid gear that's actually a tier higher than the regular ones even in LFR and Normal difficulty. And you can even still get the AotC Mount for Sepulcher when Season 4 drops.

    Or unless they decide to release the new talent trees early for players to try out before the actual launch. Whichever comes first, really up to you.

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    Subscribe for a month. See how it goes.
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    Everything you didnt enjoy 9months ago is still here 9 months later

    its not worth it right now

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    I envy you. I haven't played in years since there are so much better MMOs out there.

    Im longing for that good ol' WoW itch.
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    As long as your life is in order, why not? Just play, there's a lot less gating and catchup mechanics right now. A good time to return imo.

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    12 months still goin strong you will regret it after 2 days trust me

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    Quote Originally Posted by vian View Post
    I envy you. I haven't played in years since there are so much better MMOs out there.

    Im longing for that good ol' WoW itch.
    Better is 100% subjective. Personally I have tried all of the "big ones" and they are all trash compared to WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby451 View Post
    Better is 100% subjective. Personally I have tried all of the "big ones" and they are all trash compared to WoW.
    Agree 100%. Wow gameplay is still unmatched. I'd argue the world and characters too, who are iconic. What other mmo has a world like azeroth, and characters like it has? None are even close. People want to will other mmo's to be better, but it's just not possible.

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    That depends on what you’re looking to get out of the game. PvE, PvP, World PvE or PvP, solo?

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    There is a vizine for that!
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    Actually if you didn't play 9.2, it seems to be worth it. I personally didn't play since short into 9.0, but that's because i really can't stand the soulbinds and other stuff. I could have lived with convenant abilities, but the soulbinds are horrible or at least were; until they removed conduit power. But i might come back when it seems that Dragonflight is worth it to pre-order; luckily wow is actually the easiest game to pre-order since you can see most of it before the release. Then i want really to see the 9.2 content before the next expansion, catch up my alts and hopefully can try an evoker soon. Hopefully the pre-patch is a bit longer this time so that we can gain a bit of experience with the class first before the expansion hits.

    So if you get an itch, sometimes it's the best to scratch it. Season 4 might be the best time to come back.

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    take a laxative, its better than wow.

    Slands is extremely bad even if you fully ignore the moronic "story".

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    "Help Me Choose" and "Game vs. Game" type threads don't produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate, and no one here can really make a personal choice on your behalf. Closing this.

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