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    Code at this level is almost always super documented and commented... Shouldn't take long for a competent dev, let alone a team of devs to figure it out.
    Hahahahaha, good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h4rr0d View Post
    Iirc they auctioned off old server blades, that has nothing to do with source code. I'm 100% sure they just didn't think to back it up back then. But that just goes to show that documenting everything isn't SW companies' strongest forte.
    That is exactly the reason why I know blizz heavily documents, because off how they had no such practices at the start.
    And how they went trough in a dev post just how good they are at it now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    You went too deep on this one mate. People doing the stuff will have general consensus on what is easy or hard. No need to get philosophical about simple issues.
    There is a huge, ludicrous skill gap between great and bad developers so it actually matters

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